on hold due to schooling
male, Black/blue
sports puppy, on hold due to travel complications
blue merle
2019 or longer, waiting for older dog to pass
not red tri
Male sports puppy, no time frame, has to be the right puppy
any colouor
unsure if they will per sue a second puppy at this point
blue merle
on hold due to family issues
any colour
performance on hold due to an issue in the family
Performance in Florida - possibly summer 2018
  NB home in the future.
male/ bm/rm/bt
spring 2019, must be male. not red tri.
spring/summer 2019, colour important. Male over female.
BM possibly RM
Female, possibly consider male
Any Colour/gender
Pup will be a personal service dog so temperament is most important. (IQ'S LITTER)
blue merle male
Prefer a spring time line
Blue Merle Male
Performance, agility.
Pup will be a personal service dog. Personality is most important. (IQ'S LITTER)
merle male
As soon as we have one, open to the right female
male, blue/black
Large, size important. Blue merle is first choice. May consider black tri.
Waiting List
Below is our current waiting list. I will update it daily as applications come in.
We deal with customers in the order their application fee is paid which is denoted by the date to the far left.
Yes some people have been with us for a long time :) Anyone highlighted  in red has applied their application fee to hold a
current puppy and should be removed when their puppy is 8 weeks old and they pick it up. We leave them on this list in
case something happens and they do not take the puppy, then they stay on the list. This should give you an idea of the wait
time for what you may be looking for.

If you are on the list and do not know your number, just shoot me an email and I will remind you.

Please understand I can not tell you how long the wait will be for a puppy because I can not predict the future. I can not promise
a girl will come into season on time. I can not promise she will get pregnant when I breed her, if she does get pregnant I can
not promise how many puppies she will be pregnant with. When she's pregnant, I have no control over what colour and gender
she decides to make the puppies. I also have no control over how they will be marked, with a lot of white or very little, with big
dark merle spots or with almost no merle at all.
Even though we have a cerain amount of people on the list, I can't say if what a girl delivers will be what they are looking for or not.
They may all decide to keep waiting, or I may have half a dozen people all wanting the exact same puppy. Someone may say
their first choice is a black tri and yet when they are born they may fall in love with a red tri. It happens.

If you are serious about wanting one of my puppies my best advice is to please fill out the application below, print it in narrow
margin format so the signatures stay where they are on each page, fill it out and sign it, scan it, email it back to me along with
an email money transfer for $300 to stoverly@rogers.com. Use the question WHERE DO YOU LIVE and answer MIDLAND.
The date I receive the money is the date you are added to the waiting list - not the date I receive paperwork.

Without being on the waiting list, your chances of getting what you want from me is very slim.
If you know what you want, and you want it to come from me, your best option if to secure a spot on the waiting list.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
not highlighted means they are active and waiting on a puppy to be born to meet their needs.
highlighted in this blue means they are still on the list due to our contract time line but are not actively looking for a puppy.
They may have found a puppy elsewhere, life may have thrown a challenge at them. Either way they are simply not looking for a
puppy and are not in conflict with you. Once their contract time line runs out they will be removed.
Highlighted in red means they have a puppy on hold from a current litter. As long as nothing happens and they take that puppy home
they are not in conflict with you for a future litter and will be removed when they pick up their puppy.  
The following highlighted colour scheme should help you understand how active each deposit holder is and if they are going to be
in conflict with a puppy or time frame you may be interested in. Any questions never hesitate to ask us.