We are thrilled you want to come by and meet us, but
we are NOT Walmart, a petting zoo or a daycare!
If your reading this you must think coming to visit is a good idea.
I'm never really sure what people think I do. Do you think I am a zoo where you come and spend
the afternoon feeding the dogs treats and playing with puppies as a fun outing with the children
over march break? If you said yes, please just toss my number in the garbage and move on :)

Do you think I am like a walmart where you can just show up when you want and leave when
you'd like using your scheduled time as a very loose guide line or telling me the "afternoon"
would be good?  

I have a news flash for everyone who is thinking about visiting.
Yup you heard that right, home, as in house, place where myself and my family live.
Next shocker,  I also have a family, big shocker I know. My life is not 100% dogs.  

Visiting with us in our home is a privilege NOT YOUR RIGHT. I do not have to allow you to visit,
just like you do not have to allow me into your home. I allow visitors out of the kindness of my heart
but some people put that kindness to the test and force me to write this article.

We used to enjoy visitors and used to welcome people into our home to meet us, the dogs, and
just chat. Sadly far too many people have taken advantage of that kindness over the years, have
wasted our time, brought germs into our home by visiting other breeders and shelters prior to
coming here. We now only allow buyers to visit.


If you wish to meet us and learn about the breed we are at 4 pet shows a year and various
other activities with the dogs that you are welcome to attend.
If you need to know about the breed ready the website, it has all the information you could really want.

My time is precious. I have spent a LONG time putting as much information on this
website as possible, I work on it every day for one reason or another. If you are trying to decide if
this is the breed for you, read the web site. If you need to know the difference in males and females
Read the website. If you are curious what to feed, or grooming, or about allergies. Read the
website. Seriously sit down and read this web site from one end to the other, it will answer
your questions. If you actually READ the website it will tell you how we sell puppies, prices,
availability, upcoming plans. It has absolutely everything you could ever need to decide if this is
the breed for you and if I am the breeder for you. My contracts are all on the website. Read them.

If you just want to stop in and say hi, then I'm busy with other things to do. Sorry.
If you just want to see what the dogs are like in person, go hang out at a dog park.
I don't have time to just let you play with the dogs.

If I have puppies and you want to come and meet them so you can choose. Sorry we simply don't
do that. We restrict puppy visits until puppies are around 5-6 weeks old, by which time they are
typically all sold. Puppies and their mom's do not need the stress of strangers and the risk of germs.

When puppies get to be 5-6 weeks old we then allow deposit holders to meet them BUT those visiting
hours are dedicated to those who have deposits in with us and are committed to buying one
of our puppies. If you do not have a deposit with us, then you don't get to visit.

So lets set up a few guidelines.

#1. If you would like to visit us then we would like to know our time is not being wasted by someone
who is visiting lots of other breeders. We want you to make sure you are 100% committed to us
as breeders BEFORE you contact us about any type of visit. That means please print the application
contract, fill it out with signatures, scan it and email it back to us along with the $300 application fee.
THEN you may contact us about what we have available and we will see if we have anything here for
you to reserve and if we do we will arrange a visit at 5-6 weeks old.  
If you do not have an application and payment in with us, you will not be invited to visit.
No exceptions sorry.

#2 Visits start at 10am unless otherwise noted:
Think about this. You contact me and ask to visit at 2 in the afternoon because you live in Toronto
and it's a 2 hour drive and you don't want to get up early. Well Boo Hoo for you. Stop and think for
one minute that a 2 in the afternoon visit means that I do not have time in the morning to go and
do anything with my family. I'm stuck in Midland waiting for you to show up. By the time you leave
at 3 or so, assuming you showed up on time, it's too late to go and do anything. So you have taken
up my entire day with your visit. How inconvenient is that for my family? Very.
So we stopped doing that. No we don't really care that you are on vacation in the area and
heading home at 4 Sunday afternoon, we don't get vacations because of the animals so we don't
really feel sympathetic to your schedule. Sorry. You can make time to visit us on our terms or not
visit, it's pretty simple.  

We START our visits at 10am in group format Yup you read that right. 10am unless otherwise stated.
That means if you live 2 hours away you are leaving your home no later than 8 am. If the visit is
important enough to you, I guess your getting up early! I'm up at 6 am with the dogs so I don't
sympathize with you for having to get up early. Sorry.
We do not allow visitors before 10am. I really like to be able to get up, make a tea, put dogs
out to potty, bring them in to eat, clean up after puppies, feed and water the pigs and rabbits
and maybe even load the dishwasher and washing machine if I'm lucky all before you arrive.
If your here at 9 am I'm the one who has to be up at 4 am to get all of that done. News flash,
your not important enough for me to get up at 4 am. We get up before 6am every day
and our morning chores take no less than 3 hours to do. Animals are a LOT of work. Some
days I'm hard pressed to be ready for you by 10. I'm certainly not going to rush my morning
for you. So mark 10 on your calendar as the average visit time.  

Visits are in group format. You are coming to visit the puppy you have reserved with us so you will
be here with everyone else from your litter if they can make it. If we have more than one litter the
same average age, we may do them all at the same time. We schedule about 2 hours for the visit,
but this does not mean you can show up at 11 or 12, it means show up on time at 10am and you may
stay for up to 2 hours. At 12 noon  I want to see my house empty of visitors.

If we happen to have a lot of puppies and a lot of families who want to visit their puppies we may do 2
group visits, but this is not typical and you may not have the option of when your litter is receiving
visitors. I will plan it on my end and you can either make it or you can not.
If we have really bad weather on my end, I may opt to cancel the visit and change the day and time,
but that is for everyone as a group. You can not just sneak in on your own. It doesn't work that way.

I'm in cottage country. In the summer you are likely going to hit cottage country traffic, factor it in.
In the winter your likely going to hit a snow storm, factor that in too, we have a LOT more snow than the
GTA and surrounding areas.
Give yourself LOTS of time to get here.
Yes things happen, there are accidents to contend with, vehicles break down. I understand that and I try
to be accommodating within reason, but I know I have driven in crazy weather to make important
appointments, so I expect no less from you.

Remember when I said I wasn't a zoo. I've looked for the signs and I simply can't find one that says
Welcome to Stoverly's petting zoo and day care. That sign doesn't exist. If you want to come visit,
please leave your young children at home. Yup I said it, leave the kids home. Your children are not the
ones buying the puppy, they are not the ones who are going to be taking care of the puppy, no matter
how much you want to try and convince yourself they are, trust me, they are not. Children are just that,
children, they have very short attention spans. They will play with the puppy and love which ever one you
bring home. But once they are teenagers they are going to have boyfriends and girl friends, then they
move on to high school and school activities, then there is college, university, and jobs. The puppy is not
ever going to be their full responsibility, so they really do not need to be a part of the question and
answer sessions.  Having them here and pulling at your pant legs, interrupting our conversation, telling
you they are bored, hungry and have to potty is all a waste of my time and yours. I have better things to
do than to continue to tell your children to put puppies down, to not throw toys into the puppy pen, to stay
out of things that are not theirs to touch. I have 4 children, I love children, but there are times and places
for children and when we are trying to talk and ask/answer some very important questions about a living
breathing animal, then children are just a distraction. You won't find my children hanging around when I
have clients here so it would be nice if your  children were left at home so we could handle this as an
adult business transaction. No I do not honestly care which puppy your kids like best, like I said I'm not
selling the puppy to the kids.

Remember when I said I wasn't a zoo. Your friends and family can meet your puppy when you bring it
home. They do not need to come to the puppy meetings, they do not need to come with you to pick
up the puppy. Unless they are coming with $300 in their pocket accompanied by the application
paperwork and the intent to also purchase a puppy, you do not need to bring your whole extended
family. Contrary to popular belief I really don't care to meet your cousins, in-laws and friends from work.
They have nothing to do with our transaction as buyer and seller so please leave them home.
All visits should be limited to 2 adults, the 2 adults who will be the main care givers to the puppy you
are purchasing. No one else needs to be here.

You know what else I am not. I'm not a dog park.
DO NOT, I repeat. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG ONTO MY PROPERTY. Period. Exclamation point. No
Your dog does not need to meet the puppy to make sure they get along. If you are not sure if your dog is
going to get along with the puppy, why on earth would you bring it here to possibly injure an entire litter
of puppies? Please go put someone else's puppy at risk and call me later with the results.
Do you really think that my intact, hormone filled, puppy protecting, breeding dogs want your strange
dog in their face and on their property? I can guarantee with 100% accuracy the outcome, blood,
stitches and vet bills. Not mine, but yours. My dogs will attack your dog. Your dog is an intruder. My
dogs have puppies they are protecting, your dog is a threat. You try and explain to a momma bear that
your not a threat to her cubs and let me know how that conversation goes. Dogs are animals with
animal instincts. When they have puppies they don't like you, they don't like your children and they sure
as heck don't like your strange dog. Leave your dog at home, it's safer for everyone involved.

DO NOT BRING THE DOG TO LEAVE IT IN THE CAR. Common sense people. If you bring your dog
and leave it in the car, specially in the summer,  please consider the transaction cancelled. Your
deposit, if you have left one, is forfeit, your a dumb ass, I'm not selling you a puppy, have a nice day. If
your dumb enough to leave your dog in the car I hope you do not have children because you are clearly
not responsible enough to care for another living being.  
Leave your dog at home.
Coming from the cottage and have the dog with you. Simply skip the visit. We do not want your dog on
our property even if it is staying in your car. Leave it at home.

So you still want to visit? Great.

If you have not yet done so, read the website, commit to me as a breeder by sending the paperwork
and payment in. Lets find a litter or a puppy for you and THEN we can arrange a visit for you to meet
YOUR puppy when it is old enough for visits.

Leave small children, friends and relatives at home, bring the buyer and the buyers partner.
Write down your questions so you can ask them when you get here.

And by all means, if you think you want to visit to just get to know the breed, grab a coffee and read this
website. It's here for a reason so you know if this is the breed for you before you call me and if I'm the
breeder for you. You should have a 99% yes answer to both of these questions before showing up on
my doorstep. Really, it's easier on both of us if you have a basic understanding of me and the dogs
before you call :)  Do your homework from the comfort of your home and if you still have questions email
me or call. It really is easier on both of us.

If you still want to visit and I haven't totally offended you with my harsh reality, give me a call, we'd love to
meet you!