To leave a litter Natural with their tails.
Hi everyone.
I get asked occasionally about tails and I have a strong ethical stance on the topic. A litter should
be all docked or none docked, there should be no in between UNLESS it is for an uncontrollable
medical issue. A breeder should not pick and choose which individual puppies to dock and which
ones to leave natural all in the name of sales. That is not ethical and is only about money.
I can NOT promise or guarantee anything about a puppy the day it is born, nothing. It may not be
healthy physically or mentally. It may be the worst fit for your family. When we dock tails if the
puppy you wanted does not work out, we have all sorts of other options in other litters. However
when we are holding a puppy simply because it has a tail, we have no back up because the rest
were docked the day they were born.

So I am 100% willing to leave this entire litter as God gives them to me. We will leave them with
their full long tails. We offer this a couple times a year but we must have enough people committed
before we will do it.

The terms of this would be that you are promising to take one of the puppies regardless of colour,
gender or markings. You can not make any requests of me because I can not make her give me
anything specific and I will not leave tails on another litter until I have enough people committed
financially. So the wait for another tailed litter could be years down the road.  

All four colours are possible, so you could end up with a black, a red, a blue merle or a red merle.
You MUST be ok with any colour with no preference.

You could end up with a lot of copper or none at all. Mom is only black and white so some puppies
may not carry copper. You must be ok with that.

You could end up with either gender. While I will do my best to take gender into consideration, it
will be based on your lifestyle, other animals in the home etc gender will not be written in stone
because if 5 people all contact me wanting males and she only has 2 males, some people will have
to take females. You MUST be ok with this.

You will not get any say in which puppy I end up placing with you. I will work with everyone, I will
do many video's and show off the entire litter in many different situations to show their over all
personality and abilities, at the end of the day after their eye exam, vet check, structure and
personality evaluations, we will place each puppy into the home it will do best in. Sports homes
will have different needs than pet homes, so each puppy will be matched based on what
personality you tell me you need in a puppy.

Your $500 application fee will be for this litter and this litter only to start with. Once we leave tails
on you are 100% committed to taking a puppy offered to you at 8 weeks old.

If we have more applicants than puppies born or not enough puppies suitable at 8 weeks old,
those that do not get matched up will go back on the waiting list and have 2 choices.  
1. We can move you to the general waiting list in order like everyone else and you may have a
puppy with a docked tail as soon as one that meets your needs is available, you may then update
me with preferences for colour, gender, markings etc.
2. We can put you on the list for the next all natural litter. As soon as we have 4-6 committed
applicants, I will pick a litter that I am willing to leave all natural and we will move you to that litter
with the same terms as above.

If you do not want to wait for another natural litter and you do not want a docked puppy and you
choose to move on to another breeder, you will forfeit the entire $500 application fee.
We NEVER offer refunds for any reason.

We only offer to leave a litter natural about once a year and we will only do it if puppies all have
homes to go to. Having 1 or 2 puppies to place with tails is easier than only having 1 or 2 that
have homes so we will always have a minimum number of homes needed for us to leave them

We can not make the timing suitable to everyone. We pick a litter, and we have picked Mercedes
and T-rex's litter this time around. If people would like tails we will leave them on this litter and this
litter only.

So if you are interested in a puppy from this litter with a full tail, please contact us and we can
get paperwork and payment happening and get you on the list.

Any questions please send me an email.