Our males are happy to service your girls. We try and keep things simple and explain the
basics here.

  • Your dog must be a pure bred Australian Shepherd, Mini Aussie or Toy aussie. We will not
    breed to anything that is not pure bred so please do not ask.
  • We do not under any circumstance breed to Mini Americans or to breeders who also breed
    Mini Americans. These are not aussies and our dogs will not be used to further their
  • Your dog must have registration papers from one of the following organizations as an
    Australian Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherd or Toy Australian Shepherd: CKC, AKC,
      ASCA, MASCA, NSDR, ASDR, or IMASC etc. If you can not provide me with
      a copy of the registration form and a pedigree to make sure the cross is a good cross
      on  paper,   we will likely deny your request to use one of our boys.
  • Your dog should also have some basic testing. This does NOT mean vaccinations. We
    require 100% of the time the female to have a clear brucellosis test, this is not optional, if you
    are not willing to provide a clear test within 4 weeks from the time she needs to be bred then
    do not bother contacting us. This is a canine sexually transmitted disease which can render
    dogs sterile. For our stud dogs safety ( and all the girls he may be planned to breed to), all
    females much be tested prior to being dropped off. We also recommend no less than a basic
    eye cerf and hip x-ray. We recommend  also having your dogs MDR1, elbows, and PRA, HC
    and CEA. These tests are for the betterment of the breed. If you don't know where to get these
    tests done, feel free to ask us, we are happy to help you out in any way we can. If our stud dog
    is a carrier of a genetic issue, then the test for that genetic issue will be mandatory on your
    bitch. We tend to use PawPrint Genetics for a full aussie pannel which costs $333 USD.
  • Your dog must have a decent temperament. Since she will have to come here for breeding,
    she will have to be in my house with my family, I don't want to bring in a female who is going to
    bite my kids, cause fights with my dogs, or completely disrupt our lives. She must be ok  
    going into a crate when asked.  
  • You MUST agree to dock tails and remove dew claws on all the puppies born. This is not
    negotiable and we will NOT sign litter registrations for anyone who is caught leaving tails or
    dew claws on any puppy from a litter by our stud dogs. The only exception is if you are in a
    province where it is illegal to do so. Otherwise we expect you to conform to the written breed

When you are interested in using one of our stud dogs, please contact us so we can negotiate a
price. Price is usually $1000 depending on the stud dog in question and how many titles he may
have or how many puppies with titles he has produced. Payment may be asked for in the form of
currency or in the form of a puppy back. We ask for 1/2 the stud fee up front in the form of cash
when you drop her off and the other half when you pick her up. If we are taking a puppy we will give
back the $1000 when we pick up our puppy. This ensures that if we do not take a puppy, we are still
paid for our boy's service to your girl.
Usually before we do a breeding, we know whether we are even considering keeping a puppy from
that cross or not. Sometimes we are only looking for a certain colour or gender.
If we are choosing a puppy we will not choose it before 7 weeks after the eye exam and structure
evaluation ( which we are happy to do for you). If we do ask for a puppy in lieu of cash, we will return
the deposit money already paid to us when we pick up our puppy from you.  
We always negotiate ahead of time whether we get first or second pick puppy in a litter.
That way there are no misunderstandings later on.

So we have agreed that we would be happy to let our boy breed your girl and we have agreed on a
price and everything is in order. Now we wait for her to be in season.
When she is in season she should be brought to us as soon as possible so she can get comfortable
in our home.  She will be in our home as part of the family, we do not have "kennels". So we will
need to know her routine and what she is allowed to do at home, such as be on the furniture or not
so we can keep up with her rules. We ask that you bring food with her so she has a regular diet.
We will accommodate any diet be it kibble, raw or cooked.
When she is dropped off we will ask for copies of her paperwork - pedigree, registration, and any
health testing. At that time we will also sign the contract which goes over everything in detail and will
be agreed upon before you drop her off and the $500 deposit payment.
She will be here for about 2 weeks or so. Every girl is different in how long they are in standing heat,
we will keep her until she is finished.
We keep very clear records for you on her breeding schedule. We will record each day she is bred,
and provide you a print out sheet of how she will develop over her pregnancy and when the puppies
due date is.   
When she is finished breeding you may pick her up with all the paperwork on our stud dog and his
registration pedigree and clearances and at this time the remaining $500 is due.


Everyone will have some questions which we try to answer.

  • Does there have to be a contract?
Yes there will always be a contract signed by both of us as well as a witness.
Each contract will be written up separately as each situation may be different. For your safety as well
as mine we do not do anything without a written agreement outlining everything possible. It may be a
5-6 page contract, but thats for your safety as much as mine and you get ample time to go over it
and make sure it protects you and your female before ever dropping her off.
  • What if my female gets injured, lost or killed while you have her?
While I have never had anything like this happen, we do put in writing a guarantee for her safety and
we do put a value on her in case anything did happen while we had her so we would be paying you
back. There is also a clause in case any damage is done to our male. We want to protect both dogs
in this situation and while anything happening is very rare, we want to cover all our bases ahead of
  • What if she doesn't get pregnant?
We do put a partial guarantee on the litters our boys produce. We guarantee that she will get
But the boys can only fertilize as many eggs as she releases so we can not guarantee the number of
pups in a litter. We also can not guarantee that she will not need a c-section, that the pups will be
born live, or that they will live to 8 weeks of age. A stud dog has nothing to do with any of that. His
job is simply to deliver the sperm to the eggs and fertilize the eggs. The rest is in the females hands
and the hands of the females owner. We can not guarantee she will be properly cared for while
pregnant or that she will be a good care taker when the pups arrive. We will offer a rebreeding if she
produces less than 3 puppies (unless we agree to something different ahead of time), but that's all
we guarantee. Also if we know that she has had several litters for you previously and you have only
ever had 2-3 puppies from other stud dogs, then we would expect no different from out stud dog.  
  • I don't want to leave my female, can't I bring the male to my house?
NEVER and I repeat NEVER does a boy leave our property to go to the females home.
I have well over 15 years of breeding experience and this is just never done. The male must
be comfortable to breed, he will not be comfortable at your home. Stress can affect his fertility, so we
do not do anything to stress him out. If your female is not friendly enough to come here then perhaps
she should not be breeding. If she is not house trained, crate trained or does not have a good recall,
then I highly doubt I would agree to breed to her anyhow as I want puppies from my boys in
responsible homes who can train and socialize their dogs. There is no situation where I send my
boys anywhere. Sorry.  

If you have other questions, have a female you might like to breed to one of our boys and
would like to see a contract. Please feel free to contact us any time.