Seems like a new Fad.
So first of all let me start off by saying I have the utmost respect for mental illness.
This is NOT an attack on mental illness in any which way shape or form and if you take it that
way, you've taken it out of context.

All of sudden breeders everywhere are inundated with requests for service dogs, and I'm
not talking seeing eye dogs for the blind, or hearing ear dogs for the deaf, not even seizure
alert dogs or anything of that nature, I'm talking about a very general request for "service dogs"
or emotional support dogs.  I do not have a problem with emotional support dogs, I do sell dogs
to act as emotional support animals for those in need. What I have a problem with is all those
people who think an emotional support dog is just a pet who does not need any training and
has the right to go with you into places dogs are generally not allowed to go, just because you
claim it is a service dog. When did needing a dog as a service animal become the newest
fad? It's not a fashion statement or a social statement. ANY type of service dog should be
treated just like buying a wheel chair, not because it's cool to have one, but because you
seriously can not function properly in society without one. It is also not your RIGHT to bring
your dog with you everywhere you go just because you want to, if your dog is not trained
100% as well as those seeing eye dogs, then it does not belong in public as a service dog.

Insulted by that statement, then you 100% DO NOT need a service animal, because if you
did need one, you would agree with me.

So let me say this. If you approach me for a service dog, one of the first things I am going to
want to know, is where do you plan to have the dog professionally trained. That's right, I am
going to hold you accountable for what you are requesting. So if you have no intention on
training your dog in a professional manner, then do not ask me for a service dog because
I can guarantee as sure as the sun is gonna shine that I won't sell you an animal to give both
myself, and real service dogs a bad name.

Please realize that  you as a person are not qualified to train your dog to be any type of
service dog at all, not unless you hold a degree in animal behaviour and are certified to train
the dog to do specific behaviours. What's an emotional support dog it doesn't need
to do anything specific, it just has to be with you? That is so far from the truth. Don't belittle me
or real service dogs with a statement like that. EVERY service dog has behaviours you need
it to perform or to avoid. If this is not true, then you do not need a service dog in any capacity.

A seeing eye dog has to be the eyes for the owner, it has to keep the owner safe and avoid
walking into danger, avoid cars, only cross the street when it is safe to do so, avoid bumps
or holes in the ground etc. It has to see for the owner and while working it has to not be
interested or distracted by everything going on around it.

A hearing Ear dog has to alert to sounds that the owner can not hear, the phone, the door,
an alarm, sirens, people talking to them etc. It has to be able to tell the owner which sound
is happening so the owner can react in the most appropriate manner. It also has to ignore
sounds which are not relevant as well as ignoring all the distractions that the world has to offer.

A seizure alert dog has to alert the owner BEFORE a seizure is about to happen.

A Diabetic alert dog has to alert the owner when their blood sugar is out of balance.

An emotional support dog has to be focused on the owner, if the owner has anxiety, PTSD
or anything similar then the dog needs to avoid triggers, every persons triggers will be different
and so each dog needs to know what it has to avoid. An ES dog has to not seek out attention
from strangers, not, be tempted by the squirrel, kids or toys, it has to ignore it's tempting
surroundings while also paying attention to them to help the owner avoid situations that will
trigger stress.  The dog needs to be 100% obedient, you can't have a dog who needs you
to repeat your command, the dog has to obey quickly when you give it a command. It has to
know how you expect it to react if you do end up in a situation that triggers a reaction.
Do you need the dog to lean into you for comfort, do you want the dog to lead you away from
the situation? You need to know your specific needs and then train the dog to react the way
you want. This all takes professional training, so we will be asking for proof of where you
plan to train the puppy to make it the best representative for a service dog it can be, because
Emotional Support will NEVER be taken seriously if the owners of dogs performing this
service don't take it as serious as any other type of tool used to deal with a disability.

Before you contact me for a dog, you need to research which facilities in your area will be
able and willing to help you train your dog. I may ask for a written letter from your training facility
that outlines that you have been in touch and they will be helping you, or I may ask for the
trainers name and number to call and speak to them myself. I WILL hold you accountable
if you want a service dog to perform any service at all.

It will NOT be cheap, no I do not offer discounts for service animals. There is no government or
private organization who will recover my costs so I have to charge you full market value.
On top of the purchase price you should estimate at least $2000 in training to get your puppy
trained to a level that it can function as a service dog. Too expensive? Then you can not
afford a service dog.  

Looking for a service dog, contact me to discuss your needs.