Roo was the pick puppy from Faith's last litter. We do not officially co-own her but her
owners have been long time friends and have several of our dogs, so in kindness they
have agreed to let us do all of Roo's health testing and if she passes we can have one
litter with Roo. They have not ruled out a second litter, but we have only agreed to one.

Roo is the life of the party, this dog has the most comical facial expressions ever. She is
a clown every day of the week and lives every day to the fullest. If you need to put a smail
on your face, just hang out with Roo.

Roo is very athletic, loves to go swimming and hiking, catches balls and frisbees.
She is the all around ultimate package for a mini aussie, she passed her herding
instinct and she lives with pet rats that she does no harm to when they are loose, she
loves everyone she meets.

Here are a few pictures taken by her owners. Enjoy!