As a breeder I can not keep every dog for it's entire lifetime. Dogs that we
use for breeding at some point have to be retired from that job and allowed to
live out the remainder of their lives as house pets. Usually we place them in
other homes where they can get more one on one attention. These dogs have
been a part of our breeding program at one point and are now
spayed/neutered and retired. We thank them for all they gave us and all they
taught us.  
HHC's Splish Splashin Around
Splash had 4 litters for us and then we spayed her and retired
her. She is now living with Jenn in the Guelph area. We did not
keep anything from Splash to continue breeding. A few
temperament issues showed up in her background and the risk
wasn't worth it. So her bloodlines have all been removed.
Alstars Red Request at Stoverly
Quest sired only 2 litters for me, and 2 outside litters for another
breeder. He was producing dilute and mis-mark colors which is
not desirable to me so I had him neutered.
*It has since been discovered that he has produced
epilepsy as well. He and his blood lines have all been
removed from my breeding program. I have contacted all
of his offspring from my 2 litters but I do not know if the
pups from the other litters have been notified.*
Anyone with Quest in their pedigree should keep an eye open
for signs of seizures. Contact us if you have any concerns or
Bluebell Hollows Ebony Blake.
Sporty was an outside male that was used back in 2005 on a
co-owned litter with Splash. I had the opportunity to take in
Sporty in October 2006. He managed to breed Disco before I
had done all his updated testing. When his testing came back it
was found that he had developed hip dysplasia. We have no
proof if the dysplasia was genetic or environmental. It was not
worth the risk of it being genetic and so we neutered him and he
is now living a nice life of retirement.  
HHC's Get upnTango at Stoverly
Tango was my stud fee puppy from an outside breeding. She
had only one litter for us and now she has started to have
seizures, all of her bloodlines have been removed from our
breeding program. She is a Quest daughter from a female
named Piper. We have recently learned that several of her
siblings are also experiencing seizure activities.
If you have bloodlines related to Tango, please keep your eyes
open for seizure like activity. If you have any questions or
concerns feel free to contact us any time.
Shadylanes Sweet Nothins.
Hershey is one of our foundation females. We have three of her
daughters to carry on her legacy. She had her last litter in March
of 2008 and is now retired. She will be living with Trish and
Heiko who own a Hershey son from her very first litter as well as
a Disco puppy.  We will miss having Hershey around but she
has given us more wonderful puppies than we could have
imagined possible. She deserves this retirement.
HHC'S Tri Disco Dancing, HIC
Disco was one of our very first Mini's. She was everything we
were looking for and so much more. Disco is the reason we are
so in love with the breed. She has the best personality and
always passes it along to her pups. She has produced some
amazing performance dogs for us and now deserves to live out
the remainder of her life as a spoiled and pampered house pet.
I have her daughter Chiffon to carry on her lines.
Have fun in your new home. I hope you bring them as much joy as
you have to us.
Timberlines Miss Marlie at Stoverly, HIC
Marlie came to us at the same time as Hershey from Shadylane
kennels when they retired. Marlie proved to be a wonderful
companion, very playful and a joy to be around.
Unfortunately Marlie was producing over sized puppies. So after
just two litters we retired her from breeding and she is living the
rest of her life as a very pampered pet.
We do have one of her sons that we will grow up and see if he
can carry on her lines, but if he gets too large, then her lines will
be lost to us as he will be neutered.
Dreamhavens Mighty Max
Max is the fundation to many mini's in Ontario. He is a sweet
gentle loving boy who produces incredible puppies. We didn't
acquire Max until he was already a middle aged dog. We have a
few of his blood lines in our program and we have bred him as
old as we think we possibly can. He sired his last litter for us at
11 years old. He is now in his retirement home but is still intact
just in case an opportunity comes along for him to try one last
litter. We will sure miss him when he's gone.
Stoverly's Sheer Chiffon, HIC
Chiffon is a second generation puppy for us, she is a Disco
daughter. She gave us 2 litters of pups before we retired her.
While she is a beautiful girl, our standard of quality has grown
considerably and she isn't measuring up to the quality of the
younger girls.
Her daughter Sizzle will grow up and see if she can carry on
these blood lines.
CH Timberlines Token at Stoverly
sadly Token was taken from us much too soon after he got
loose from his co-owners and was in a car accident.
Token was an invaluable asset to our breeding program
and we are very pleased to have several of his offspring to
carry on his blood lines. .
Twin Oaks II Kid Wild
We brought Kid in to add some herding lines to our dogs
to keep to the breed's natural instinct and refined
appearance. We got a couple of litters from Kid and then
retired him. He served his purpose well and is now living
the life he was destined to as a family pet. We are proud
to say that we now have his grand children to carry on his
Stoverly's Canadian Raven
Raven is a sweet girl from Hershey and Max. Sadly we do
not have anything from her for our breeding program but
several of her puppies are in the flyball community and are
intact for breeding performance puppies. They will carry
on her legacy.  
Stoverly's Eye Candy
Smartie had one litter for us with our boy Zin. We kept
three puppies from her and only one has made the
cut as a potential for the next generation, that woudl
be Euro. Smartie is spayed and retired with her good
k9 friend Layla where they live it up in luxury by the
Shambaughs Simon Sez
Simon only had one litter for us. While he and his puppies
were beautiful, he did not cross well with our blood lines. We
felt it would be unfair to him and his breeder to continue to
breed him to our blood lines and produce undesirable
characteristics which could have made his blood lines look
bad. Instead Simon was returned to his breeder in the USA.
CH. Dogstar Noel, HIC, CGN

Sire: Gefions kissing Bandit
Dam: Dogstar I can dance
DOB: Dec 23 2003
Color: Black with copper and white, Red factored
Height: 18 inches
Weight: 40 pounds
CERF:  Clear
MDR1: MUTANT / NORMAL ( all puppies should be tested )
Docked Tail

Noel is easily the top producing bitch for mini's in Canada. I can't honestly think
of another female who's puppies have done so incredible so consistently. I
wish Noel could live a million years and continue to give us outstanding
puppies. Sadly she is now retired, spayed and living the life of luxury with good
friends of ours and a daughter from her first litter. She has many offspring to
carry on her fantastic blood lines and we get to see her all the time.  
Stoverly's Taste The Rainbow  HIC                                     

Registry: MASCA
Sire: Twin Oaks II Kid Wild
Dam: Ch. Shadylanes Gamblin Girl at Stoverly
DOB: February 14th 2008
Color: Black with copper and white, red factored
Height: 15.8 inches
Weight: 19.5 pounds
Elbows: OFA normal MAS-EL215F26M-VPI
CERF: Clear yearly
MDR1: NORMAL/NORMAL as per parentage
Docked Tail

Hamilton Ontario
Stoverly's Middle Earth Friend

Registry: IMASC IM000987-03
Sire: CH Timberlines Token at Stoverly
Dam: Stoverly's Canadian raven
DOB: December 01 2008
Color: Blue Merle with copper and white, red factored
Height: 19"
Weight: 40 pounds
HIPS: Prelim clear
CERF: clear
Docked Tail

Retired so he can focus on agility!
CH. Shadylanes Gamblin Girl at Stoverly, HIC, CGN

Registry: MASCA, M-1883
IMASC, IM000605
Sire: CH. McGuffins Sonny Side Up
Dam: Shadylanes Sweet Nothins
DOB: Feb 10 2005
Color: Black with copper and white, red factored
Height: 18 inches
Weight: 35 pounds
OFA:  OVC good, OFA prelim good
CERF:  clear
Docked Tail

Midland, Ontario
Dam of 2 x BPIS Stoverly's Queen of Diamonds at Black Bay
Dam of 2 x BPIS Stoverly's Five Card Stud

CH. Linderlands Black Denim Trousers

registered IMASC, IM000606
Sire: CH Linderlands Rustoleum of Willow Rock
Dam: CH Cowtown Bluegrass Rikki
DOB: April 18 2006
Color: Black and white, red factored
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
CERF:  Clear, Jan 26 2010
PRA: N/P - carrier

Docked Tail
BIS. CH. Stoverly's It's All About Me, HIC                              
registry: MASCA, M-2380-08, IMASC IM000608
Sire: CH. McGuffins Sonny Side Up
Dam: Shadylanes Sweet Nothins
DOB: May 14th 2007
Color: Blue Merle with copper and white, red factored
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 21 pounds
HIPS: OVC clear, Pennhip 80th percentile
CERF: Clear yearly ( August 2013)
MDR1: NORMAL/NORMAL as per parentage
PRA: N/P - carrier
Docked Tail

Guelph, Ontario
Stoverly's  Oh So Hot, HIC, CGN
*Registered St.John's Therapy Dog*

Registry: IMASC IM000986-04
Sire: Twin Oaks II Kid Wild
Dam: Stoverly's Sheer Chiffon HIC
DOB: August 05 2008
Color: Blue merle with copper and white, red factored
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
HIPS: done August 26th 2010 GOOD
CERF: Clear August 17 2010
MDR1: NORMAL/NORMAL as per parentage
HC: Normal/Normal
PRA: Normal/Normal
Docked Tail

Guelph Ontario

Registry: IMASC, IM000902-04
Sire: CH. Linderlands Black Denim trousers
Dam: CH. Stoverly's It's All About Me HIC,
DOB: Jan 06 2010
Color: Blue Merle with white
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Hips: OFA GOOD - MAS-1202G34F-VPI
CERF: Clear Nov 14 2012
MDR1: NORMAL/NORMAL as per parentage  
HC : N/N by parentage
CEA/CH: Normal/Clear by parentage
Docked Tail

co-owned with Dalikida Shilohs
Burlington Ontario
Stoverly's Shaken not stirred, HIC

Registry: IMASC Pending
Sire: CH Dj's Bolt
Dam: Stoverly's You gotta bring it
DOB: June 16 2014
Color: Blue merle With Copper and White
Height:  18 inches
Weight: 39 lbs
CERF: clear at 8 weeks
MDR1: pending testing
HC: N/N by parentage
PRA: N/N by parentage
CEA/CH: Optigen pending
Docked Tail
Stoverly's Mad Dash To Fame HIC

registered MASCA, M-1478-03, IMASC IM001199
Sire: CH. McGuffins Sonny Side Up
Dam: CH. Dogstar Noel HIC
DOB: June 18 2006
Color: Red Merle with copper and white
Height: 19"
Weight: 45 pounds
OFA: Hips GOOD : MAS-421G24m-VPI
Elbows: NORMAL: MAS-EL104M24-VPI
CERF: clear
PRA: Normal/Normal
HC: Normal/Normal
Docked tail

BPIS CH. Stoverly's Fan Freakin Tastic, HIC, CGN                      
Registry: MASCA, M-1884-05. IMASC, IM000607
Sire: CH. Mcguffins Sonny Side Up
Dam: CH. Dogstars Noel
DOB: May 11th 2007
Color: Blue Merle with copper and white, red factored
Height: 17 inches
Weight: 23 pounds
Hips: OFA Good MAS-1293G71F-VPI
Elbows: OFA Normal MAS-EL450F71-VPI
CERF: Clear yearly (june 2013)
MDR1: Normal/Normal
PRA: N/P - carrier
CEA/CH: Normal/Clear
DM: Normal/Clear
Docked Tail
BIS, RBPIS Stoverly's Ora Blue at Dalikida, TT

Registry: IMASC IM001230-01
Sire: CH Timberlines Yes It's a Hemi at BlackBay
Dam: Stoverly's S'Not A Shy Low at Dalikida
DOB: April 29 2012
Color: Blue merle and white
Height: 18"
Weight: 29 lbs
OFA: HIPS: Fair MAS-2099F48F-VPI
CERF: clear
MDR1: NORMAL/NORMAL as per parentage
HC: Normal/Normal by parentage
PRA: N/P Carrier by parentage
Docked Tail

Lives in Burlington !