Frequently Asked Questions
This page will continue to update with links as I have time to write answers to all of these questions.
Please check back frequently and if you have a question you think should be answered on here for others
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Male Versus Female
The gender war!
What does it mean and how to do it properly
Second Dog
Because one is never enough
Off Switch
Think of it like a pause button for energy
Sound sensitive
The dreaded thunder storm phobias
Why price matters and what your paying for!
Well bred
Versus the generic dog
Puppy Food
Myth and marketing gimics
Choosing a puppy
versus a puppy choosing you
Aussie Reserve
If your not my family, I don't like you and I don't need you.
Mandatory not optional
Waiting Time for a Puppy
tick tock..tick tock..perfection takes time.
Will we leave them on? Why don't aussies have them?
The cost and procedure to get you a puppy out of province!
I'm not a petting zoo or a day care !
What a scam!!!!
No Older Dog Discounts
Everyone wants everything for free
Dog Parks
A death trap pained with rose coloured glasses
Raw Feeding
As natural as it gets.
Eye Colour
Get over your Blue Eye Fetish already
Emotional support, seeing eye, hearing ear. Helping you function.
Lets all start off and create a bad habit we can complain about later