Puppy Food
Myth and marketing gimics
make perfect sense when you stop and think about it.


I say that with the utmost confidence.
If you don't want to read to the bottom at least understand why I feel that way.

What other species do you know of, canine, feline, fowl, equine, swine, fish, and
even humans that feed their offspring a different nutritional diet than the adults of
the same species eats? Not one. Wild canines and felines, be it wolves, coyotes,
lions, Tigers, they go out and catch a rabbit, a zebra etc, they drag what that can
back home, they even eat the meat fresh and come home and regurgitate it for the
babies. Birds go and collect worms and seeds and regurgitate it for the babies.
Equine babies graze on the same grasses that the parents do, even as humans we
either buy or make baby food, but human baby food is the same fruits, vegetables
and meats that we eat the only difference is we do not add spices and we mash it up,
just a bit more civilized than regurgitating it but the same idea :)

No where in history do we see evidence of any species going out of their way to
feed their offspring something different on the nutritional scale.

Somewhere in the early 1980's dog food companies hired marketing companies to
help increase sales. So they decided to invent puppy (and kitten) food, and when that
went well they jumped on the band wagon and invented food for seniors ( my grand
parents certainly don't eat any different than I do) lol. Marketing.
People it's all marketing.

The truth about puppies is we need them to grow slow. We do not want a 4 month
old puppy to grow so fast that his baby joints can not support his weight. When a
puppy is fed puppy food he gets very tall very fast (we call it the puppy uglies) he
has legs that go on for miles and is very much out of proportion, his body mass
increases very quickly and his soft joints suffer under the pressure and do not form
properly. As an adult you will have a dog who is 95% more likely to develop hip
and elbow dysplasia from the improperly formed joints that had to support too
much weight too early in life. If your dog needs hip replacement you are looking
upwards of $5000 per hip! When one hip gets sore the dog will compensate by
putting additional weight on his other limbs, this is when the problem starts to
escalate. You can be looking at both hips and both knees falling apart and needing
surgery, that can be upwards of $20,000 Canadian dollars.

No wonder some vets push puppy food, look at the profit they are possibly getting
from you if the puppy food does what it was created to do, make puppies grow quickly!  

Once a puppy leaves my home I can not force you to do or not do what I recommend,
but we do not feed puppy food we have it in our contracts that feeding puppy food
voids your health guarantee, we feel that strongly that puppy food is a marketing
gimic and is NOT in the health interest of your puppy.