Before you contact us, Please read over the various pages in the navigation bar explaining how we raise our puppies, how
we place them in new homes and pricing. This way there is no misunderstanding and no hidden surprises in the process.  

Please do not email me and ask if I have a puppy available. Look below, it is accurate.
Once we have puppies we put a picture of mom and her babies on here.
Click on the group pictures to see the individual litters and the details for that litter.

****We are always accepting application fee's on our upcoming litters****
All fee's paid are NON REFUNDABLE

check out our
plans page for details.

If your interested in a puppy from one of our litters and would like to send in an
application and fee,  please contact us. Puppies sometimes go quickly,
specially the "pretty" ones and we regularly have several deposits in for our future litters.  
By the time our litters are born, selection is often limited.

Thanks for your interest.
Updated for 2019

As a thank you for purchasing a puppy from Stoverly, we include a few extras to get you well on
your way.
Every puppy that we sell comes with the following...

  • First vaccinations
  • Worming as needed while with us - we do not over medicate the puppies
  • eyes examined by an ophthalmologist, written results provided to buyer
  • Microchip implanted
  • sample of food - we feed and send home Raw from Mega Dog Raw
  • Nylon leash and collar, (light blue for boys, pink for girls)
  • NuVet  supplement samples and order information
  • Rope toy
  • Samples of cookies
  • 30 days of free pet insurance
  • coupons off your first purchase of Mega Dog Raw

All of our puppies are litter box trained prior to leaving to make house training as smooth as

All of our puppies are exposed to the crate prior to leaving and generally sleep an average of 6
hours a night right from the day you take then home.

We take pride in the quality of our puppies and our service to our buyers. We hope you
appreciate the little details we try to provide. Buying a puppy is an exciting time.
Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
We have a new product we require all of our buyers to be on in order to keep your health guarantee active!
Introducing NuVet.
Natural, powerful immune system support.
This is a daily supplement you should use for the life of your pet, but at the very least you must use it for the
full three years of your guarantee in order to keep your guarantee active!

Once you have reserved a puppy please pick up the phone and call NuVet.
Use the order code 33670 so that I can confirm you are using this product.

Here's to the health and happiness of your new family member!  
Purchase Application and Fee    
This is the 2021 application and payment contract all in one for your convenience.
When you are ready to
commit to the purchase of a puppy from us and only us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form blank, fill it out in ink completely with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us
(if you do not have a scanner you may take clear large photos and send those via email)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $500

This is NOT a deposit. Please read the contract carefully to understand what you are paying for.
If you are not willing to wait up to 24 months for a puppy from us, please do not send in the
paperwork and payment. We wish to deal with people committed to us as breeders and not
just people looking for the first puppy available for sale.   

The payment MUST be sent prior to or with the paperwork. We do not look at paperwork without it.
The $500 is what gets you on the list so please feel free to send it first while you are filling out paperwork so
you get on the list as quickly as possible. If you are interested in a puppy currently born, please
state that in a separate email to me so we can discuss if that litter/puppy is a good fit.
All monies are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason at all
Due to the pandemic keeping people at home puppy sales have gone through the roof. We have always been busy but
not like this. If you are interested in a puppy please choose a breeder you wish to work with and commit with a non
refundable deposit. If you are thinking you want a puppy in the fall or winter or even next spring, get on a waiting list NOW.
All reputable breeders are being booked up solid well into the future.
You can see all of my plans as well as my waiting list here on the website. I keep it up to date day by day.  
I do have more girls than most to work with to produce puppies but we all have limits. Raising puppies is exhausting hard
work so I'm not breeding every girl that comes into season just to overwhelm myself. So if you don't want to be
disappointed please choose a breeder and get on their list NOW.
If you have questions please feel free to call or email.

As of
October 18 we are taking applications for our litters going home in January and later in spring of 2021
We will have nothing available any sooner and even those litters are filling up fast.

Our next litters are due N
ov 3, Nov 12 and Dec 12.
Very limited availability depending what the girls deliver.
To have any chance at a puppy you must be on the waiting list.