Pupcorn was the only blue merle female  in her litter and my daughter picked her out at just a
few days old.
She is my daughters dog. Frankie does all her training, will be her exclusive handler and will
be able to take all the credit for what an outstanding dog she turns into.

Pupcorn is an outstanding girl and smart as a whip. She catches on very quickly to anything
we teach her and she remembers everything. She is a pleasure to work with.
Her very first trick was to climb up on a log and within minutes she figured out one side was
slightly lower than the other and she would seek out the lower side to get up. She quickly
progressed to getting up on a stool and at just 4 month old would fly up onto any stool like
surface to wait for a treat. She can balance on just about anything, no reasonable sized
surface is too small and her interpretation of reasonable can be interesting.
Stoverly's Feature Presentation
She has patience galore. She knows that if she stays on the stool long enough she'll
get a reward.
We have progressed with this behaviour to do all her tricks on a stool. She can
shake both paws and she knows left from right, she can do a high five with both
paws as well as wave both paws. She spins left and right and does a sit pretty. All
on her stool!
Not only is she cute and super smart, she's got tons of instinct as well.
She met our chickens for the first time loose in the yard and she was determined to put them away where she knows they belong. Even
when the black and white ones challenged her, she kept her cool, avoided their pecking and ushered them safely back into their pen. It was
incredible to watch such a small girl take control of 30 chickens.
This red chicken (on the right) wandered farther than she
liked so she corralled it back to the pen. Smart puppy!
This puppy is a fabulous girl and
reminds us so much of her dad. She will
be a pleasure to watch mature as she
and my daughter find their way together.
Stoverly's Feature Presentation (Pupcorn)
Australian Shepherd

CH. Timberlines Token at Stoverly HIC DN13576902
Bullocks Powerstroke DN10923603
Dar-Walk Whileuwere Sleeping DL91670605
Dar-Walk Indian Giver DL83781701
Vores Scarlett at Dar-walk DL72647804
Three Oaks Adobe Rose DL89002401
Surenuf Heat Guide HIII1633 DL71325005
Bayshores Day Dreams DL55225803
Bullocks Dutchess DN10242607
Diamonds Wrangler Man DL91202603
Wild Heart's Copper king DL80552907
Lone Pine Pretty pitty Patty DL73752313
Nevada's Susie DL82311004
D and L's Ben The Rules DL67929903
Kirkwoods Raven DL61925006
Ch Shadylanes Gambin Girl at Stoverly HIC CGN M-1883
Ch McGuffins Sonny Side Up HIC MA20222908204
Skovesende's kode Red MA-2447-9Y218
Evan's Possum MA1409-9955
Evan's Just Eunique Monique MA1561-97186
Skovesendes Britte nina Star MA2448-9Y218
Bennett's Two bit Bodie
Lane's Rudy Toots MA1720-9Y266
Shadylanes Sweet nothins Bo221LM1810
Vent's de L'Ouest over the top of Shadylane D0031ML1408
Carlins Tazmanian devil D9823MC885
Taycins California Image B9730EP552
Shadylanes Candles In The wind B9804LM820
Edgewoods Razle n Dazle N Blu E86848
Sidekicks Made in the Shade B9734KF623

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Well our sweet puppy is all grown up. She is one of the best dogs I've ever owned. She's loyal, loving, and completely
bonded with the family. Smart, beautiful and so much fun to have around. She brings joy to our lives every day.
Our baby will be two this summer and she's still got a lot of happy go lucky puppy qualities about her which i love. She's just a
fun girl with enough character for 2 dogs.
We have yet to find something this girl can't figure out. She's smarter than all of us. I have to get some video of her in the
next few weeks showing off her skills. We had a ladder set up, and i picked up a ball and put it on top of the ladder just to
get it off the floor. To our surprise we watched this smarty pants of a dog look at the ball, look at the ladder and slowly she
decided if she wanted the ball she'd have to get it herself. So up she goes. We were speechless at how she just decided
she could do it, and so she did. She really is an incredible girl who could do anything we asked her to. Now if only I had the
time and energy to teach her everything she's capable of learning.
Sisterly wrestling match. It looks awful and sounds worse, and they do it
every day and walk away without a hair out of place LOL
Well miss Pupcorn was good with chickens and she was equally great with Sheep! There
isn't much this smartie pants of a dog can't do!