How We Price Our puppies
updated for the 2019 breeding year
Black Tri
Red Tri
Blue Merle
Red Merle
Tri with 1 or 2 blue eyes
6 months to year old
1-3 years old
3-5 years old
Over 5 years old
minor health issues
$200 - $500
Black Tri
Red Tri
Blue Merle
Red Merle
Tri with 2 blue eyes

So your interested in the big question. The price of our dogs. I'll try to explain it all here.
If you run into any questions just contact us and we'll try and clear it up.

To start off with Yes my pricing is different for Tri coloured and merle coloured puppies.
I do not raise the price of the Merles, I lower the price of the tri's. With all of the health
testing,  socializing, and extra's you get with a Stoverly puppy, every puppy is well
worth $2000,  however we lower the price of most tri coloured puppies to give them a
chance to find a home. If the tri coloured puppy is very flashy with more desirable markings
than other tri coloured puppies, you may very well find that those puppies are priced higher
than plain puppies.  
Too many people are more than happy to let a great tri go unsold while they wait for a
merle,  we hope that by lowering the price of the less desirable colours we can give them
a great chance at finding homes because I can not just keep breeding litter after litter
while I have puppies who have not sold.

PET QUALITY Puppies Pricing:

These puppies are ALWAYS sold on strict legally drawn up, spay and neuter agreements.
You may NOT breed these dogs.  Pet quality puppies may have prick ears, white on
their body, or teeth that do not properly line up, they may have structural flaws making
them unsuitable for breeding, they may also have minor eye exam notations making
them unsuitable for breeding but make fine family pets. None of these reasons for the
lower prices will affect it as a pet in any way. The health is completely normal for a pet.
It just means it is not necessarily a puppy that we would keep in our breeding program and
we would not offer it as a show/breed prospect to other breeders. These are the base prices
we start with and increase prices from here.

SHOW/BREED QUALITY Puppies pricing

These are puppies that I would keep in my breeding program myself. They are higher
quality, usually very flashy with great markings, but not always, they always have exceptional
structure and fabulous health and temperament.  
These puppies are the highly sought after pups that we wish all our puppies were like.
These puppies are priced higher to reflect their superior quality.  
We charge a general pet purchase price so that you can own them as pets
to be spayed or neutered if you want to. We do not mark many puppies up in price if they
are going as pets, but if the puppy is exceptional we will.
If you want breeding rights these are the ONLY puppies we will allow someone to breed.
You must first complete necessary testing and get certain titles on your puppy, when that
has been accomplished to the satisfaction of the contract you may breed the dog and then
I am owed a secondary fee equal to the original purchase price of the puppy or a puppy back
if I so choose. Each contract is drawn up individually to meet the needs of the buyer, so
each contract will be different.

  • 6-12 months. You are getting all of the vaccinations including rabies, (and additional
$300 value). Puppy is well on it's way to house training or is house trained. The puppy
is completely crate trained and has basic manners, will know sit, down, come when
called, walk nice on a leash and a variety of fun beginner tricks such as spin, shake
a paw, and target.
  • 1-3 years. You are getting a dog who has a lot of work put into it and a full life ahead.
It is completely house trained, crate trained, travels well, walks well on and off lead,
has an excellent recall, knows many different commands and tricks such as, sit,
down, stay, heel, touch, target, spin, twist, over, through, leg weave, tunnel, shake a
paw, high 5 and wave. More may be taught depending on the individual dog. You
will pay more for the time we have put into them. Depending on the age of the dog
you also now have the 1 year booster vaccine.
  • 3-5 years.  You now have also likely gotten the second adult booster. The dog is
likely spayed/neutered at this age but not always. We have now put more time
and training into the dog, the level of training will be different with each dog. Some
are at or close to competition level sports (disc, flyball or agility). They have
been herding and are very well socialized. The training of these dogs can often be
used to per sue them as therapy dogs or personal support dogs. We can fine tune
any training you need.
  • Over 5 years old we start to discount the price because now you are getting less
years out of the dog you are purchasing. The training is the same but the years you
get with the dog are less so we take that into consideration.
  • Any health issues that will affect the dogs life or possibly require attention at a later
date in the way of medication or surgery is discounted to reflect the inconvenience
of the health issue. The discount is regardless of the age and training of the dog,
it is reflective of the health condition and impact on that dogs future.

We will also keep a puppy for you and do training that you request, so if you are looking for
a dog for a special need, to help pick things up if you are in a wheel chair, to help open
and close doors etc, that is something we can do for a cost. Assume the cost of training
will be reflective of the prices and ages above but will be specific to what you require for
your needs.     

Adult Dogs For Sale:

These may be dogs that we had kept as puppies and hoped to breed but they may not
have grown up the way we had hoped. They may not have the personality we want for
our breeding dogs. They may be too shy or reserved with strangers. They may not have
the structure we need, we should only be breeding the best structure to produce sound
healthy puppies, so if the puppy didn't grow up that way, we may decide to sell it. If a health
test came back unfavorable for breeding, it could be something as simple as being a
carrier for a disease we are trying to eradicate, a failed eye exam or failed hip x-rays.
These dogs may be as young as 12-24 months old.
These may also be older retired dogs from breeding, perhaps we have bred a dog once
or twice and do not like the quality of puppies we are getting.  Perhaps we have had
several litters from the dog and it's now time for them to move on to a pet life and make
room for the next generation.
It may also be a puppy we sold that the owners could no longer keep and it is now looking

for a new home. These are not rescues since we bred them here.
Adult dogs have all age appropriate vaccinations, worming, are micro-chipped and
registered, they may also have titles in certain areas and likely have genetic testing suitable
for breeding. Depending on the individual dog there is likely a lot of training also done
which you will benefit from and they may be spayed/neutered.

Assuming the dog is healthy the prices will be as follows - if the dog is not already
spayed/neutered, that cost is on top of the purchase price below. These prices are for
dogs which will be spayed/neutered, NOT sold for breeding.


We do take in rescue dogs. We have an entire page dedicated to details on our rescue
efforts. Rescue dogs are not dogs from us, we do not know much if anything about their
back ground, they often come with a lot of baggage in the way of health and
temperament issues. People don't generally get rid of great family pets. Our rescue is
privately run, we are in no way a non profit organization, we pay for all expenses out of
our own pockets. Some dogs have quick turn around times and cost us less, and others
come with a lot of baggage, need medical attention, spay/neutering, and stay with us a
lot longer. To recover those costs we must charge sales fees for the dogs we care for.
If caring for rescues starts to cost us our mortgage payments, we will have to stop
helping those animals in need or raise their prices. So the fee's collected from sales
of rescue dogs goes back to cover the expenses of the next dogs to come into our care.

Rescues are currently priced at $500 - price subject to change -

These pups are likely to be priced higher than pet price. The reason is that you need
different qualities, sports people need exceptional structure, perfect health, great

temperament and a lot of drive for the preferred sports. Service dogs need very
specific temperament and a dog that shows a natural tendency for certain behaviours.
As a breeder I have to spend a LOT more time with these litters and really work with
these potential puppies to ensure that they can live up to their expected jobs.  I can not
place just any old dog with you for these special needs, I can not slack in my work with
those puppies and the puppies do need to be special with special qualities. The very
nature of what owners need in these dogs make them more exceptional in their quality
and there for worth more to purchase.