keep scrolling down past the writing to see the plans with pictures.
We give you a look into our hopeful plans for up to a year in the future so you can take your time and make an educated
decision on the purchase of your puppy and are not tempted to make a spur of the moment, impulsive decision.
Not every litter will happen!!
We may have 4-5 girls all due to be in heat at the same time, and we may have them all listed here making it look like
we are having a LOT of puppies, however when it comes right down to it, we will pick which one or two we actually
breed based on what we are looking for as well as what our waiting list is looking for so puppies have homes to go to
and we will postpone the rest of the litters for another time.  

Please note the dates below are expected but not guaranteed until the girl is bred.
Mother nature can be either early or late when it comes to the females heat cycles.

As with any breeding, there is
always a possibility that the female does not get pregnant when bred or that she has a
very small litter of only 1-2 pups. We can never guarantee how many pups or what colour/genders we will get.   

We try to keep this page as up to date as possible and the minute something changes we will update this page so you
know of the changes shortly after we do.

You can not get on the waiting list without paying the application fee.
Being on the waiting list gives you the privilege of choosing puppies before the general public.  

Please see the waiting list at the bottom of the navigation bar to the left to see how many people are ahead of you.
Not every litter will happen as written below
These are just possibilities and potential plans, we will make final decisions as each girl comes into season and as test results come in.  
Many girls are cycling at the same time so we will space litters out as needed to make it manageable.
Some litters will be postponed 6-12 months. We will not breed 6 litters all at the same time.
So if it seems like many are due to be bred all at the same please rest assured they will not all happen.
These are just the crosses I have intention on putting together and the timing is an estimate ONLY!
Nothing is set in stone until she is bred and even then we can not promise puppies until she delivers them safe and healthy.
Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
Please keep in mind the above are only our thoughts and nothing is concrete until the girl is bred and confirmed pregnant.
Plans may change if testing fails or if another cross comes along which would be better at the time. Some plans may be postponed
if one girls expected heat cycle come at the same time as others we have already bred or have plans to breed. These are
just potential litters.
Since we have a lot of people asking about plans a year or so in advance, I like to let you know some of what I'm thinking.
Please understand nothing is written in stone and things do change.
Any questions contact us any time at all.
As of summer of 2013 we have a new product we require all of our buyers to be on in order
to keep your health guarantee active!
Introducing NuVet.
Natural, powerful immune system support.
This is a daily supplement you should use for the life of your pet, but at the very least you
must use it for the full three years of your guarantee in order to keep your guarantee active!

Once you leave a deposit for a puppy please pick up the phone and call NuVet.
Use the order code 33670 so that I can confirm you are using this product.

Here's to the health and happiness of your new family member!  

We do not have a standard female for breeding at this time, she has been retired and not yet replaced.
We only have 2 toy females, Action and Pandora, so will only have 1 or 2 possible toy sized litter per year.

If you are looking for standard size and do not care about place of registration we do get over sized mini's. Their adult size will be
standard size, 19-20 inches, 40-50 pounds but their registration papers will be Mini due to who their parents are.
If you need CKC papers we can not help you at this time.
We will not be obtaining our new CKC female until 2018 or 2019
Please read the page on EXERCISE  before asking us about upcoming litters and whether they will meet your needs or not.
We try and be very honest about the needs of the puppies so you can be matched with a suitable family member.

For clarification on colour please read our
ABOUT page. Solid black does not mean solid black like a Labrador.  
We DO NOT sell puppies based on eye colour, so please don't ask.
We can not tell eye colour until puppies are 6 weeks old, we will NEVER hold a puppy and turn other buyers away while you
wait and see what colour the eyes are. If you buy a puppy from us you will take what ever eye colour they are born with.
If you need a breeder who will allow you to wait until eye colour is set before deciding if you want that puppy, please go find
a different breeder. If you need a guarantee that both eyes will be the same colour, we will NOT sell you a merle, you will be
limited to only a tri coloured puppy who is guaranteed to have two brown eyes.
We NEVER take requests for a merle with blue eyes. Sorry. We will not accommodate your eye colour request.  
Purchase Application and Fee  

This is the application and payment contract all in one for your convenience.
When you are ready to commit to the purchase of a puppy from us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form blank, fill it out completely in ink with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us  (if you do not have a scanner email us for our mailing address)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $300
Use the security question WHERE DO YOU LIVE
Use the security answer MIDLAND
The payment MUST be sent WITH or prior to the paperwork. We do not look at paperwork without it.
The $300 is what gets you on the waiting list so please feel free to send it first while you are filling out paperwork so you get
on the list as quickly as possible. We will not apply it to a puppy until we have the paperwork back.

All monies are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason at all
Breeding June/July 2018.
She has had a very strange heat cycle in December, so we are assuming she is not going to be able to breed this time around and will aim to try her on
her next cycle if it's more normal which should be around June or July. But I am at the mercy of when the girls each come into season .
Breeding spring/summr 2018 if she ever comes back into season. She was due o be in season in March so she is very late and I have no ETA, I am at the
mercy of mother nature waiting for her to cycle.  
POSSIBLE COLOURS:    Black tri, red tri, blue merle, red merle
                                           Moderate to maximum white markings expected
                                           Copper. All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:            Medium sized Mini Aussies
                                           16 -17 inches
                                            25-30 pounds

ENERGY LEVEL:              Physically: Medium/High energy needing 2 or more hours of off leash running per day
                                            Mentally:    High energy. Need 3 hours or more of training per day.

NATURAL RESERVE:       Minimal reserve, should be very friendly   

These should be some fun all around active little dogs, very versatile for active families who want a working companion.
Play ball, frisbee, agility, dock diving or just teaching tricks, these are puppies who will want to work with you to learn anything
you have to throw their way. Likely heavier in coat as Aloha is a bit of a hair ball.
Pups due Monday October 1st. Ready to go December 1st weekend.
POSSIBLE COLOURS:    Black tri, and Blue merle only.
                                        Moderate to maximum white markings expected
                                        Copper. All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:            Medium to larger sized Mini Aussies
                                        16 -19 inches
                                        30-40 pounds

ENERGY LEVEL:              Physically: High energy needing 2 or more hours of off leash running per day
                                        Mentally:    VERY High energy. Need 3 hours or more of training per day.

NATURAL RESERVE:      Minimal reserve, should be very friendly   

These should be some fun all around very active dogs, very versatile for active families who want a working companion.
Play ball, frisbee, agility, dock diving or just teaching tricks, these are puppies who will want to work with you to learn
anything you have to throw their way. Not a sit on the couch and chill out type of dog, these will be working companions who
want to do stuff. Regular obedience classes, tons of tricks, going swimming and catching a frisbee, these are the activities
these dogs will not only want but need. If you are looking for an easy dog that will not demand a lot of your time, run away from
this breed! Aussies are a high energy WORKING dog!
summer/fall  of 2018
POSSIBLE COLOURS:    Black tri, red tri, blue merle, red merle
                    Moderate to maximum white markings expected
                   Copper. All puppies will have copper

ESTIMATED SIZE:            medium to large size mini's
                   16-18 inches
                   10-30 pounds

ENERGY LEVEL:              Physically: Medium/High -High energy needing 2-3 hours of off leash running per day
                    Mentally:    Medium/High - High energy. Need 2-3 hour of training per day.

NATURAL RESERVE:     Moderate reserve   

All four colours are possible and if they take after their parents they should be pretty flashy.
Carbon is pretty reserved with strangers but Shazam loves everyone, so puppies should be somewhere in the middle and with
a lot of proper socializing you should be able to overcome some of that natural reserve.
Carbon is very velcro, I trip over her daily, I expect puppies who are very attached to their families and very eager to please.
POSSIBLE COLOURS:   Solid black, blue Merle
                                      Moderate to minimal white markings expected
                                      Copper. Some puppies may not have copper.
                                      Some puppies may be very plainly marked.

ESTIMATED SIZE:          Large toy size to small mini
                                     13-15 inches
                                     12-20 pounds

ENERGY LEVEL:             Physically: High energy needing 3 hours of off leash running per day
                  Mentally:     High energy. Need 3 hour of training per day.

NATURAL RESERVE:     Minimal reserve, should be very friendly   

With my blood lines, the smaller the dog the more active they are. I breed my smallest dogs for competitive sports not for
couch warmer companions. While they do make excellent companions, You MUST meet their physical and mental needs.
My toy size dogs run circles around my big dogs. I'm not exaggerating in any way.
These pups will be looking for active homes who want to keep these guys very busy.
This litter should produce small, active, versatile puppies. I wasn't sure I was going to breed Pandora as she is very plainly marked
and plain puppies are hard to sell. But the more I watch her at her co-owners, the more I like her and I don't care if she's plain.
She's toy sized at about 13 inches. She's shorter than her mom Action. She has beautiful movement. She will be getting her hips
done in the new year and we will breed her on her fist heat cycle after her testing. Black tri and blue merle for sure. We know she
carries red but we do not know for sure if Epic does. If he does we could get all four colours.
Updated for 2018

As a thank you for purchasing a puppy from Stoverly, we include a few extras to get you well on
your way.
Every puppy that we sell comes with the following...

  • First vaccinations if pickign up at 10 weeks only, we no longer vaccinate at 8 weeks.
  • Worming as needed while with us - we do not over medicate the puppies
  • eyes examined by an ophthalmologist, written results provided to buyer
  • Microchip implanted
  • sample of food - we feed and send hom Raw from Mega Dog Raw
  • Nylon leash and collar, (light blue for boys, pink for girls)
  • NuVet  supplement samples and order information
  • Rope toy
  • Puppy Nylabone
  • Samples of cookies
  • 30 days of free pet insurance
  • coupons off your first purchase of Mega Dog Raw

All of our puppies are litter box trained prior to leaving to make house training as smooth as

All of our puppies are exposed to the crate prior to leaving and generally sleep an average of 6
hours a night right from the day you take then home.

We take pride in the quality of our puppies and our service to our buyers. We hope you
appreciate the little details we try to provide. Buying a puppy is an exciting time.
Thoughts for 2019
we will update time frames as we get closer to 2019.
IQ and Cal. He is from another breeder, I have used him once and I LOVED his puppies. I am dying to
get another Cal baby in my life so on IQ's next breeding the plan is to use Cal. Expect very high energy,
very energetic, very athletic puppies who need to be kept busy. Smaller size, probably average 15-16
inches. Black tri and Blue merle only. Should be breeding around November 2018.
Ginger has been bred to Boston. If the breeding took she will be due around October 16th.
Puppies PRE SOLD will be going home around December 14/15.
Because these puppies are ready to go home so close to Christmas, anything not pre-sold or going to a repeat
buyer, will be held back until after the holidays, we DO NOT support puppies as gifts or inspirational purchases.
Puppies are forever and are a long term commitment.

We have leased her from another breeder to get a CKC litter.
This litter will ONLY produce red tri puppies. It is genetically impossible to get any other colour.
You will NOT get to pick your puppy besides "possibly" selecting gender. We are breeding this litter for us to
keep back 2 CKC puppies so show and breed in the future. We will not choose our puppies until minimum
8 weeks old after the vet check and eye exams. After we have decided what we are keeping we will place the
rest with those who have held spots in this litter. I am planning to keep back both a female and a male, or 2 females
to grow up and place one later on.
I will be looking at potential show/breed quality, not markings. We have the boy going to live with a co-owner.
We have a third puppy, likely a female, also spoken for if we have enough breed quality puppies to go around.

If you would like to be on the list for one of these puppies please contact us. Spots will be very limited.
If all goes well I will breed Action back to back and then she will likely be retired from breeding.
I would hope to breed her around July/August 2019.
Expecting pups to be around the 12-14 inch mark, in athletic condition I would expect 12-16 pounds. Heavier in pet homes who like a
lot of meat covering ribs :)
Bongo is a tiny guy at around 13 inches. He is a very athletic boy who excels in disc competitions. We are just helping get all his
health testing done. His blood lines do go back to Action so this is a very exciting line breeding for us. Only red and red merle
puppies. I expect no puppies to have copper since Action is just red and white and I believe Bongo is as well.  
Active homes preferred. These are going to be sporting puppies NOT pet puppies, same as her litter above. Smaller does not mean
less energy, less brains or less work for the owner. We plan to keep the pick male and female to grow up for our toy program if they
turnout nice. The rest will be looking for active homes. Preference will go to anyone who is active in sports.  
IQ and CAL
Toy sized litter #1. Only red tri and red merle will be possible. Some with copper and some without.
Action is just hovering around 14 inches and about 15 pounds at a good solid weight. Gus is tiny at only 8 pounds.
He is an active boy and bred to Action I expect high energy, high drive little sports puppies.
Size could be anywhere from 10 pounds up to 15 for the biggest ones. I don't expect anything larger than 15 pounds
and that is more pet weight with a lot of rib coverage versus sporting homes who keep pups lean.  
Preference will go to performance homes ( Flyball, Agility, Disc, Dock diving etc).
Selection will be limited as I will be keeping back 1-2 puppies myself and the stud dog owner always has the option of
picking a puppy as her stud fee. All others will not get to choose until we know what we may be keeping back
ourselves. She should be breeding around January 2019.
Should be breeding around March/April 2019  
This will either be her last or second last litter for us.
Only black tri and blue merle. She has smaller litters of 4, so not a lot of selection but her babies are incredible.
Should be small, 16 inch average, solid and the best personalities. Smart, athletic, loving and fun. I will hope to
keep a puppy from her that could compliment the puppies I keep back from Action.
Possibly breeding around December 2018. Pups due feb 2019, ready to go April 2019.
Of course exact dates depend when she comes into season.
Could get all four colours but expect mostly black and blue merle.
Medium to larger sizes, high energy, love to learn, love to run, very athletic.
Pending his health testing. I expect this to be a fun active litter. All colours possible with and without copper. Both
dogs are fairly small, she is about 15 inches he is about 16 inches so I expect puppies to be similar in size. While he
has a lot of beautiful white, she is quite plain without much white so some puppies could be plain like mom.