I needed a boy like a hole in the head, but from the day he was born he just spoke to me.
I kept hoping I'd find a good reason not to keep him, but here he is. It was meant to be!
Pawter is a perfect fit into our family and is the perfect combination of his mom and dad.
He has work ethic for days, he is very smart, eager to work and learn new things, always
up for anything we ask of him, loves to run and bounce through the forest and splash in water.
Yet in the house as long as his needs are met he's a dream. He's sweet and loving and
as cuddly as an aussie could be. He has a lot of athletic ability, his favorite trick is standing
on his back legs. He's also toy crazy. We are really excited to see what he brings to the breeding program.
November 2020 Pawter has started scent training. He took to it very naturally, he's very focused and enthusiastic about
locating the scent and alerting us. When the world allows we would like to try and get some scent titles on this guy.
We will spend the winter training this guy and perfecting his alerts. Being honest it's me that needs the training, I've taught
a lot of things over the years but scent is not one of them, so he and I are learning as we go and he makes me look good!