Dogstar Noel HIC
Noel is my AKC bred Aussie from Dogstar Kennels
in Alabama. Noel comes from a long line of
conformation Champions. She has Gefion and
Propwash lines behind her.  
Noel also comes from a working cattle farm. Prior to
arriving here in Canada, she worked with cattle
I can't say enough great things about this stunning
girl. She has a nice level top line. A beautiful classic
Aussie head. She moves very smooth and is clean
coming and going. She is a great addition to my
breeding program, to my family, and to my future.
Noel has the potential to add genetic diversity,
great structure, herding ability, toy drive, and
personality to our future puppies. She is a dream
come true, in many ways but has especially
attached herself to my daughter.  She is more my
daughters companion than she is mine. She's
happy to see me but her whole world lights up when
my daughter is home.
Noel is a kids dog. She likes all people but she goes
crazy over kids. You can see her whole face light up
and her whole body wiggle with joy when a child is
near. She is gentle and kind with them. She will sit with
them and follow them to the end of the world. He
biggest flaw is that she does like to kiss them. Noel is
a great guardian to my 4 children and I know she
would protect them if the need arose. She has that
classic Aussie sensibility and love of children. She is
truly a great dog and we are very proud to have her
share our home and be a member of our family.
On top of her charm and good looks, Noel is also
very athletic and playful. She is full of spunk and
keeps us all on our toes playing games with her.
She runs around the fenced yard and gets everyone
riled up. Puppies or adults, boys or girls, Noel just
wants to play with them all.
Noel loves to chase her toys. Balls big and small,
Frisbees, ropes, or kongs it doesn't matter. If you
can throw it, she will chase it. She has started to
really figure out that she is supposed to bring it back
as well, which makes my life easier. She can catch
anything you toss at her, she never misses no matter
how bad the throw. Frisbee is her true calling and
she has the flips and spins to match any pro out
there. We are just working on the handling skills now!
Always ready to play, Noel is also an easy dog to live
with. She is a lap dog like it or not. She also has
special bed room privileges with my daughter. While I
have some dogs who get into all sorts of mischief if
left loose at night, Noel just snuggles up in bed and is
in seventh heaven. She is one of our very few dogs
who loves to snuggle up. The closer she can get to
you the better. She adores people and just soaks up
any affection she gets. If she sees young girls she just
can't help herself and forgets she's not a lap dog!
At this point my breeding plans with Noel are all to
other CKC/AKC  Aussies.  
I feel Noel will open more opportunities for me by
producing CKC/AKC puppies. So we have some
exciting males we are watching and contacting for
some exciting future litters.
One of those litters will be to our very own big boy
So stay tuned to the plans page to see what
exciting litters we line up for Noel in the future.  
Noel is now herding instinct certfied (HIC). Way to go girl. She knew what she was supposed to do but was a
bit insecure about pulling it off. By the end of the session her confidence had come up and she was doing
really good. We are so very proud of her.
Way to go Noel. you do us proud with each new task we present you with. Your one good representative on an
aussie of any size!
Pedigree: Dogstar noel Pedigree for Dogstar noel
Australian Shepherd. Black with copper and white.

Ch Gefions Kissing Bandit
Ch Propwash St. Elmos Fire
SVCH WTCH CH Beauwoods Rustlin'in the Sun UTD RD RV-N
CH Sunspot Of Windermere
Ch Peppers Special K
Propwash Bayshore Fogbow
Ch Propwash Sambal
CH Propwash Capriole Of Bayshore
CH Gefions Revolution
CH Propwash Ebbtide Zinfandel
Ch Tri-Ivory Ebenezer CD
Ch Propwash Boomerang Tangrey
Gefions End of the Innocence
CH Willowwoods Ciara Night Moves CD
Gefions Fire On
Dogstar I Can Dance
Ch Bayshore Propwash Balderdash
CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Ch Propwash Phantom of the Sky
Ch Propwash Boomerang Tangrey
Ch Bayshore Propwash Lalapalooza
Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Ch Bayshores MI La May
Ch A-Js A Touch Of Commotion CD
CH Wyndridge Commotion
Ch Briarbrooks Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDcds
CH Wyndridge Christina
Ch Wyndridge A touch of Elegance
CH Wyndridge Jacks or Better
Briarbrooks Sheer Elegance

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