Our keeper puppy from IQ and Cal, a very close relative to my heart dog Fiesta whom I lost way too soon.
This puppy is spoiled beyond belief and so very loved. We have big plans for this girl in the way of tricks and fun stuff.
Little fire cracker of a girl. She has such a sweet loving personality, no aussie reserve at all.
She gets along with all people and all dogs she meets. We take her on trail hikes with several different breeds and she loves everyone.
This little girl is incredibly athletic and we are starting puppy agility stuff over the winter with her and see where it takes her.
She has brains for days and catches on to everything we throw at her with ease and enthusiasm. She has already started on puppy
rollers for disc work and we are also going to start scent work. As she picks it up we will try for pictures and videos. I am very excited
about this girls future with us, so much so that we have repeated the litter!