Beautiful Red Tri Boy we kept from Eurekas last litter with Impact.
He is everything we expected, athletically build, long and lean, finer bone to allow him to be athletic.
He is wicked smart and loves to learn. Moto has gone to a co-own home because he is very needy of
one on one human attention and I can not do that living with multiple dogs. He is in an incredible home
and any time we need to use him we have easy access to him.
He loves his toys like his parents. We can play ball for hours. We are working on disc with him as well.
He knows oodles of obedience commands and tricks. There is nothing this boy can not do.

His down fall is he is incredibly needy of human attention. He hates to be left out of anything and always wants to be the
one to accompany us with everything we do. He is not good at taking turns. As such he has a harder time living with us in
a multi dog home, so we prefer he lives with co-owners where he is not in competition for attention.