Mercedes is the only girl we got to keep from Zazu before she passed away. So she is very dear to us. Her father Tommy is from
another breeder and brand new blood lines for us and we are excited to add them into our gene pool.

Mercedes is just black and white. She has no copper. She is a smaller sized girl like her dad and we are hopeful she will produce
smaller sized puppies for us.

Mercedes is currently being raised by friends. We will be taking her back once we do all of her testing if she passes so she can fit
into our lifestyle and we can start to work with her on her training. She is scheduled to have all of her testing early 2020.

Currently she is a very shy and reserved girl with no formal training. Knowing her background we know she has a lot of potential that
we simply have not had an opportunity to tap into. So we will start to focus on that in 2020.  

She is a very athletic girl with a sweet loving personality, so it will be fun to see what she can do once she comes back to us.