The girl we kept by default. She was a very head strong dominant puppy
who clearly was not for a novice owner right from the time she was around
6 weeks old. We could see all of her very strong aussie characteristics
shining through that early. She was serious and did not take to goofing
around. She demanded the people around her be very clear precise
leaders or she would brush you off with a look of disappointment. Her
respect had to be earned it was not and still is not freely given.
This girl is brilliant, she has brains almost like no other, she loves to work
with us and knows tons of fun behaviours. She is affectionate to her
humans, is good with cats and livestock, but she is very questionable
with other dogs. As she was when she was a puppy, she has no use at all
for goofing around. She is incredibly serious and any running and bouncing
agitates her and she demands a calm and relaxed atmosphere. If all the dogs
are calm and methodical she is fine. As soon as anyone starts the running
around for no reason it sets her off and we have fights to break up.
She is a lot of dog to manage but we know her triggers and we respect
her boundaries and what she is comfortable with. We do our best not to
put her in situations where she is uncomfortable and has to react.
One on one this dog is an absolute dream. She has been on many
adventures with my daughter and her family and is now back with us for her
breeding career. She is a lovely dog who should pass on her strong
aussie characteristics to her puppies.