Miniature American Shepherd litter
Ready to go to new homes February 12/13 2021
Red Merle Male                                                                            reserved
Blue Merle Male                                                                            reserved
Red Tri Male                                                                                    reserved
black tri male #2                                                                         reserved
PLEASE NOTE. This puppy is available on the condition that it is the back up for the above black tri. If something happens and the above black tri
male is not available to sell then that family who is higher on the waiting list than who ever reserves this puppy would get this puppy instead, and the
family who reserved this puppy would revert back to the waiting list. It is only fair in my opinion to match up families based on how long they have
been waiting for a puppy and it is not fair for someone who jumps in at the last minute to get a puppy and make the other family keep waiting.
black tri male #1                                                                       reserved
Red Merle Female                                           on hold pending evaluation
I need a puppy like a hole in the head but I breed to improve the breed and establish the next generation and so far this puppy is stunning in every
way possible. If she does not evaluate out as show breed she would become available. She must have correct structure and movement. I am not
looking at colour, truth be told I wanted to hold the black girl back but she had a family who had been waiting a while for her, so this girl is a back
up plan in a few ways and will be big like her mom and grandma for sure.
Black tri Female                                                                            reserved
7.25 oz
9 oz
6.75 oz
8.0 oz
8.25 oz
8.25 oz
8.0 oz
1 week
1 lb
15 oz
13 oz
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 3 oz
2 week
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 8 oz
1 lb 10 oz
1 lb 7 oz
1 lb 10 oz
3 week
1 lb 8 oz
1 lb 8 oz
1 lb 7 oz
1 lb 13 oz
1 lb 14 oz
1 lb 13 oz
1 lb 13 oz
4 week
2 lb 1 oz
2 lb 1 oz
2 lb 2 oz
2 lb 6 oz
2 lb 10 oz
2 lb 6 oz
2 lb 11 oz
5 week
2 lb 9 oz
2 lb 8 oz
2 lb 9 oz
2 lb 14 oz
3 lb 5 oz
2 lb 13 oz
3 lb 3 oz
6 week
7 week
8 week
Medium to larger size, 16-19 inches
30-40 pounds average athletic weight.
Physically: Medium/High energy needing at least 2 hours of off leash running per day
Mentally: Medium/High energy needing at least 2 hours per day of training.
Minimal Reserve. Both Parents are very friendly
We have decided to go back to T-rex to try and get some red into the available puppies. This same cross produced Pawter who has
a lovely temperament, extremely athletic, very busy little dogs who need to be kept both physically and mentally stimulated as is true
to this breed. When exercised both mentally and physically they are the easiest dogs to live with, very cuddly and affectionate. Lovely
little working dogs, very eager to please their owners. Great for a day of hiking through the bush, running through mud puddles, chasing
a disc or a ball. These guys love to be doing something and being busy. Mom Ever got her name honestly because to this day we often
say Does she EVER stop just doing stuff, she is always on the go physically and mentally. She is a high energy girl, she is the highest
physical energy dog I have and would run a marathon a day if we let her, she is also very eager to learn and loves to be using her brain.
The less we do the more she just paces from being bored. She is not a sit on the couch and cuddle dog and her pups do not tend to be
that way either. Slushy is also from Ever and she is just like her mom, very eager to learn and very busy. So these guys are looking to be
kept busy both mentally and physically. Not a walk around the block dog!