Miniature American Shepherd litter
Ready to go to new homes DECEMBER 25/26
We will discuss with each applicant what works for pick up.
We may be able to do pick up on Wednesday the 23rd or Thursday the 24th  
We may also be able to do the 26th or 27th depending when we are having our holidays on my end.
We will try and be as flexible as possible to get them into homes at a convenient time for us all.
1 female is hopefully staying with me. I have 3 to choose from. It will depend how they grow up, I am NOT looking at colour, I may choose
to keep the red tri if she is better quality than the merles and if nothing is what I am looking for a female will come available.
The two males are available for reservation, we will take two applications for the two spots and we will match each family with
which ever male fits best. If one passes away/is not healthy etc then which ever family is higher on the list gets the available
puppy and the other family goes back to the waiting list.
I have 2 females available. Again I will take 2 applications for those spots.  I know that 1 will be a blue merle because I am
only keeping 1 puppy and the second female could be the red tri or a blue merle. Since I have two merles to work with I can
allow 1 female to request which ever merle i do not keep, but you DO NOT get any say as to which merle it may be. The second
application for the second female has no say. It will either be the red tri or a blue merle depending on what I keep back, You can NOT
make any request of the spot. If you are not satisfied with any of the three females then this is not the litter for you.

This same cross last year produced medium sized puppies who are active without being hyper, smart, eager to learn, fun
family pets for active and engaged homes. Not lap dogs but not hyper either. They have brains and work ethic and they want to
utilize them.
Medium sized
14-16 inches tall
18-25 pounds.
Physically: Medium-High energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
Mentally: Medium -High energy needing 2 hours per day of training.
Moderate reserve.
BLUE MERLE FEMALE                                                                                                                                                                                         $2000
Also a big girl, I think I see copper but I'll be able to confirm within 24 hours when she's more dry. She is a darker girl over all compared to her sister.
BLUE MERLE FEMALE                                                                                                                                                                                              $2000
Big solid girl, she has copper and lot of little leopard like spots. Largest in the litter.
RED TRI FEMALE                                                                                                                                                                                        $2000
nice dark girl, she looks like she has no copper so I think she is a bi, just like her grandma action.
RED MERLE MALE                                                                                                                                                                                                  $2000
very dark merle markings, may take a while to be able to confirm if he has copper, it's harder to see on red merles.
BLUE MERLE MALE                                                                                                                                                                                                 $2000
Smallest in the litter, last one born, he has a lot of black and minimal merle markings especially on his back end.

Cannot yet see copper so he may be a bi coloured.
9 oz
9.5 oz
10.5 oz
11 oz
10.5 oz
1 week
12.5 oz
13 oz
13 oz
13.25 oz
14 oz
2 week
1 lb
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb 1 oz
3 week
1 lb 5 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 4 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 5 oz
4 week
5 week
6 week
7 week
8 week
These puppies are on hold for 6.16.20, 6.21.20, 8.14.20A and 8.14.20B as well as one is hopefully staying back with us.
If I do not keep a puppy she has an alternate home or two available to her. We have nothing available. Next litters are due
November and December.