We are leaving tails on these puppies and they will be placed ONLY on personality. Not on colour or markings in
any way at all. If you can look below and honestly say you would be upset if I offered you one puppy in particular,
or one of a few, and you are only interested because you think you can convince me to make an exception and give
you a merle. RUN away from this litter because if anyone tries to sway me, I'm booting you off the list and you can get
a puppy with a docked tail later on when I have one or you can walk away from your application and your application
fee and go deal with someone who does not care where their puppies go. Period. Not up for discussion. I'm not trying
to be mean but I am telling you as clearly as I can that I am not obligated to sell you anything, my first priority is to
these puppies and making sure they end up in the BEST homes possible. Not just an ok home who was more
concerned about the markings than the puppies needs. So before you commit to this litter understand those terms.
The tri's WILL end up with someone and the mismark will need a home, and it very likely could be you.  

I will not be telling you who is who as we go along. I decided the best way to be fair is to be honest about the personality
traits that I am seeing but not letting you know who it goes to. When I say someone is hyper or someone is shy you won't
know who it is. That way you can't alter what you want based on what description is under your favorite puppy. Be very
honest and clear about what you want, and I will match you up.

Once I decide which puppy you are getting I will ask for FULL PAYMENT. After I receive full payment from everyone
on the list only then will you be told who you are picking up. You will not know until literally a day or two before you arrive.
If I tell you that you get a Tri and you are upset, you can walk away from the entire payment. I will not change my mind
once it is made up. If you do not like these terms, please do not look at this litter.

Once you send in the application for this litter, it is for a spot in the litter NOT an individual puppy.

If for what ever reason I do not have a suitable puppy from this litter for you, your choices will be to go onto the general
waiting list for a docked tail puppy as soon as I have a suitable one, or to wait for my next full tailed litter which could be
a year or more away. Buyers choice.  
small mini
height; 14-16 inches average
15-20  pounds average athletic weight.
Physically: Medium/high energy needing 2-3 hours of off leash running per day
Mentally: Medium/High energy needing 2-3 hours per day of training.
Minimal Reeserve. Both Parents are very friendly
Blue Merle Male                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Bi coloured, I do not see copper. He is the largest puppy in the litter. He started at 208G (7.3 oz) and is up to 262G (9.2 oz) on Wednesday morning.   
Red Tri Male
He is a Tri, he has copper. Started at 184G (6.4 oz) and we've chunked him up to 228 G (8 oz).
Red Tri female #1
Have not seen copper yet. She started at 177G (6.2oz) and is up to 203 G (7 oz) at day 3.
Red Tri female #2
Also have not yet noticed copper. Started at 168 G (5.9 oz) and is up to a whopping 203 G ( 7 oz ) at day 3.
Black Tri female
Little mismark girl with too much white. I think she is just black and white. Last one born. Started at 171 G (6 oz) and is up to 217G (7.6 oz) at day 3
Red Merle female #1
Lighter red patches. She started at 201 G ( 7 oz) and is only up to 203G, same weight. She is fighting with me to gain but we have increased her feedings to see if that helps.
Red Merle Female #2
Darker red spots. Started at 180G (6.3 oz) and is up to 219 G ( 7.6 oz) not as good a gain as others but I'll take it.

#1. Terry, sports puppy. Prefer male to fit with other dogs in the house.
#2. Linda. Warranty puppy, smaller size, less energy. Will take a puppy with or without a tail.
#3. Alysha. Prefer female if possible to get along with current dog.
#4. Frankie and Dylan co-own a breeding female
#5 Katie
#6. Ashley and Jordan.
#7 Jordan B. Best fitting personality
Ready to go July 24/25
  bmm (bumper)
rtm (diesel)
rmf1 (shock)
rmf2 (strut)
rtf (coupe)
rtf2 (chassis)
btf (shift)
7.3 oz
6.4 oz
7 oz
6.3 oz
6.2 oz
5.9 oz
6 oz
1 wk
10.3 oz
9.8 oz
8.4 oz
9.0 oz
8.4 oz
7.4 oz
10.1 oz
2 wk
13.25 oz
10.5 oz
11.0 oz
10.75 oz
11.25 oz
9.25 oz
11.25 oz
3 wk
15.75 oz
12.0 oz
12.5 oz
11.75 oz
13.5 oz
10.0 oz
13.0 oz
4 wk
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb
15 oz
1 lb
15 oz
13 oz
1 lb
5 wk
1 lb 7 oz
13 oz (respiratory infection)
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 5 oz
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb 5 oz
6 wk
2 lb 1 oz
14 oz
2 lb
1 lb 10 oz
2 lb
1 lb 4 oz
2 lb
7 wk
8 wk
9 wk
10 wk