(a week late going home due to a reschedule of vaccinations)

Eye exams done on Tuesday Feb 4th. All passed!!
Vet check and first vaccinations done Feb 7th. Puppies ready for new homes now!
Brains, beauty, more brains, sense of humor, work ability, brains and did I mention brains lol
These blood lines THRIVE on working with you. They do not need to run, in fact IQ thinks running is for dumb dogs who are
too far away from their owners. She is a cling on dog who would walk off a cliff or into a burning building with me. She is one of the
smartest dogs I've ever worked with and the more we work together the more she loves to work. She picks up on things faster than I
can train them.
Cal has produced some incredibly sporty built and driven little dogs. He does tend to keep size down much of the time.
Lots of potential for sports from these blood lines. Excellent working ability and partnership, long line of very healthy dogs!
This is a similar cross to that of my old girl Fiesta who was a one in a million. I WILL be keeping back the pick female or both females.
While they do fine in active pet homes, they are all aussie and like to learn things. Fabulous dogs for kids who want to work with the dog
and train for tricks and stuff.
Medium Sized Mini Aussie
16-17 inches tall average
25-30 pounds.
Physically: Medium energy needing 1-2 hours of off leash running per day
Mentally: High energy needing 2 or more hours per day of training.
Minimal Reserve. Both Parents are very friendly and outgoing so I would expect puppies
to also be very social and outgoing.
Black tri male.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AVAILABLE $1600
Nice blaze, a spot on his back for a collar, one high front sock and one low. He's the largest boy by a little bit, but I expect he'll be 25-30 pounds full grown.
He's a little spit fire with a ton of personality.
9.0 oz
8.5 oz
10.25 oz
10.25 oz
8 oz
8.5 oz
10 oz
1 week
12 oz
11 oz
14 oz
14.25 oz
11 oz
11.25 oz
14 oz
2 week
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb
1 lb 4 oz
1 lb 3 oz
14.5 oz
1 lb
1 lb 3 oz
3 week
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb 5 oz
1 lb 4 oz
15 oz
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb 4 oz
4 week
1 lb 4 oz
1 lb 7 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 9 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 5 oz
1 lb 8 oz
5 week
1 lb 11 oz
1 lb 15 oz
1 lb 13 oz
2 lb
1 lb 10 oz
1 lb 13 oz
2 lb 1 oz
6 week
2 lb 3 oz
2 lb 7 oz
2 lb 8 oz
2 lb 8 oz
2 lb 3 oz
2 lb 2 oz
2 lb 10 oz
7 week
2 lb 7 oz
2 lb 11 oz
2 lb 15 oz
2 lb 10 oz
2 lb 9 oz
2 lb 9 oz
3 lb 2 oz
8 week
  • You MUST submit the application and application fee to be considered for purchase of any dog. Not negotiable. You do not get to come and play and then think about it. Sorry. I'm too
    busy to simply entertain window shoppers. If you have questions you can email me or phone me and I can help you decide if you want the puppy for sale or not.  
  • We require at least 48 notice for pick up. This is not negotiable. We have a life. We have other plans with the adult dogs and other puppies. I need to print a bunch of paperwork for
    your puppy and I may need to pick up things for the puppy pack, so no you CAN NOT drop by this afternoon. Sorry. 48 hours minimal notice is mandatory for me to rearrange my
    hectic schedule and that is at least 48 hours AFTER we receive the original application in step one above and approve you for the purchase.
  • Pick up is always in the morning. Depending on weather, between 10:00am and 11:00am arrival at my house so that I still have the rest of the day to do all the things I need to do with  
    all the other dogs. It's also better for the puppy leaving to have the day to settle in with their new family.   
  • We are closed on Sundays. You can do pick up Monday to Saturday as I am available but Sunday is my one day that is dedicated to family, rest, relaxing and not worrying about
    having people in our home.
  • NO CHILDREN. Seriously. This is a business transaction between adults. We have a policy not to sell to anyone under the legal age of 18 so no one under the age of 18 needs to be
    here for pick up. Your children will love which ever puppy you bring home and may even help out with some of the care, but Be realistic and honest with yourself, this is not your childs
    dog. Your child is just that, a child a small human dependant on you for many things, they CAN NOT be held responsible for an animal and nothing you say will convince me otherwise.
    Your child will grow up, have after school activities, attend high school, college, university or get into trades, get a job, start dating, and at some point move out. During all of those
    transitions it will be YOU the parent who are responsible for the dog. So 2 adults MAXIMUM for pick up, just as it is for all visits.