PUPPIES BORN Tuesday May 7th 2019
Black tri male
Krypton is a very small boy for his age, his siblings will all be leaving us at 8 weeks but we will be holding him back until 10-12 weeks to let him grow a bit
more. He has had a vet check and we can not find any health issues, his heart and lungs are good, he eats, drinks, has solid bowel movements, his gum
colour is normal, he's just small. We decided not to vaccinate at 8 weeks, we will give him another few weeks before we bring him back in for his first
shots or we will let him go to the right home without his first shots and they can do them when he's a bit larger in size.
He has had his eye exam and currently has a few lashes that curl under but that should correct itself as he grows up.
He did have a home lined up but we feel due to his current size he is not a great candidate for a house full of children, he's not solid enough for rough
play with kids. So he is looking for a more laid back situation, older children or adults. If there are other dogs in the home they should be calm and
smaller in size or he should be the only dog until he grows up and is a bit more tough. He should mature around the same size as his parents, 25 pounds
or so, he's just going to take a bit longer to get there.

If you are interested in giving Krypton a home please contact us.  
Pictures are from July 3rd. They are the most recent so please do not ask for more pictures. This is what we have. As we get new pictures we will update
them and change the date of when they were posted :)