Large Mini Size
16-18 inches
30-35 pounds
Physically: HIGH ENERGY, 2 or more hours of running per day
Mentally: HIGH ENERGY, 2 or more hours per day of training.
Minimal. Both Parents are very friendly so I expect very social dogs who love everyone
they meet.
This was supposed to be the puppy I kept back from a very exciting litter but she failed her eye exam and so she is looking for a pet home.

She is a beautiful blue merle girl born April 12 2019.
She has two beautiful blue eyes.
She is very high energy, not a sit and snuggle pup, she needs to run and play.
She will need to go to a pet only home. No serious organized sports except for fun and NO FARMS. She can not see livestock to read their body language.
She already loves to fetch the ball and frisbee rollers, so she will be allowed to do these things for fun but not for competition. She will need to be spayed.
She would LOVE a home with kids. She is very social, very interactive and very fun.
She would love a home with another dog as she is very social.

So her eye condition. It is called LentiGlobus and is not a well known condition. In easy terms she has globes of tissue on her lens preventing her from seeing properly.
It's like putting on a pair of glasses but taking a permanent marker and drawing spots on it, she has to see around these spots.  
There are a lot of unknowns and guesses that only time will tell. We hope that the globes stay the same size and as her eyes grow with her she can see a bit better.
To know if that is going to happen she needs to be seen again by an ophthalmologist about once a year or so to observe changes.
These globes may at some point in her future turn into cataracts, but that's just a possibility. We can not say if it is a 5% possibility or a 95% possibility.
While most cataracts can be removed via surgery, the ophthalmologist feels that is likely not an option for her, she will just have to live with them.
Absolute worst case scenario, just because I always want to be 100% transparent with anyone interested, if she does develop cataracts and if they cause her discomfort
or anything and surgery is not an option, then removing an eye is always something that may have to be evaluated. Again this is all speculation with no way to know
how likely any of it is. She may live her entire life with no issues at all and this was all for nothing. We simply do not know.

So what I am looking for is a home who will keep in touch with us so we can monitor her eyes.
I will offer to get her eyes examined at my ophthalmologist here in Midland once a year at my expense. If you choose to get her looked at elsewhere it is your
responsibility or if you choose not to get her looked at in the future, that is up to you as her owner, but we will cover the cost if we can bring her to our ophthalmologist.
Since she is under my name at my clinic I will have to go in with her, whether we meet there or I pick her up for the day or over night we can discuss. I am happy to work
with her new family.
We do not cover surgery. I need to make that very clear from the onset. She is guaranteed and we know that her eyes may be a problem so if she does need
surgery because of this issue before a certain age (again to be discussed) we will offer a free puppy as compensation. (you get to keep her).   
She has the same guarantee for anything else genetic that may show up as do all of my puppies.

If you have questions about her please feel free to reach out and ask.
If you may be interested in being a home for her, we do need the application/fee to get things started. We do not accept applications specifically for just one puppy.
First and foremost we are looking for families committed to US and to our breeding program. If this puppy is not suitable for your family or you can not meet her
needs then we are looking for families who will be happy to stay on the waiting list for a future puppy that is a better match. We want the BEST home for her and the
BEST match for each of our families. We are not looking for inspirational adopters or anyone who is only looking for that special needs puppy that seems to give
status to someone. No bleeding hearts, only serious committed homes. If the home is not committed to us as breeders then we are not confident you will keep in
touch with us so we can monitor her and we are not looking to loose touch. So we are looking for commitment above all else to start.

If you happen to feel you do not want to send in the application and payment, then you need to email me a very convincing email explaining why you are the best home
for her, what you have to offer her and why you want to adopt her instead of a puppy from another litter without a vision issue. Yes this is an interview, no I am not
obligated to sell her if I do not feel it is the best home :) So convince me you are the home she is destined to end up in.  

Any questions please reach out. The application can be found on the contracts page or below

All of her medical information from the ophthalmologist will go with her when she is sold.
She is vaccinated for her age, wormed, microchipped, started on crate and house training and eating a raw diet and loving it.

Any questions please let me know.

She is ready to go now, so as soon as the perfect home is located we will arrange for her to be picked up
*we will not ship her, you must pick her up from us"

Pet Contract
This is the basic contract the puppy will be sold on.
We will add our additional offer of providing one eye exam per year at our
ophthalmologist at our cost if the buyer chooses to take us up on the offer.
Please make sure you are satisfied with the contract before contacting
us about adopting this puppy.

Also please note. We have new puppies due around the following dates.   
July 26, August 10, August 13 and September 7.
Once we have new puppies in the house all visits are highly restricted.
We will only be available for pick up at certain times, and outdoors.
We will not be allowing strangers into the home with new pups as it is
far too stressful on new moms. So pick up of this puppy will have to be
weather pending once we have puppies in the house to think about.