Ready to go June 7/8.
We will do only 1 pick up day.
Plan for Saturday the 8th at 10:00 am.
Black Tri male                                                                                                                                                  SOLD $1500
The only tri in the litter. Handsome boy who looks a lot like his momma.  He is the largest puppy in the litter so I am expecting him to be larger than both parents, he will likely be 17-18 inches
at the shoulders and maybe as large as 40-45 pounds, Cheddar has had some large puppies in the past and I believe this puppy will be no different. Little man is quite advanced for his
age. At 5 weeks old he has a very clear mind of his own, he sees people he firmly believes people need to rescue him from his pen and play with him. He is incredibly social and very
outgoing. He's going to be a very fun puppy.
Blue Merle male 1                                                                                                                                              reserved $1600
First puppy born, he has some bold markings on one side and lighter markings on the other. Very handsome puppy.
The smallest puppy in the litter at 5 weeks he is sporting a very fun and co-operative personality so far, he loves people and enjoys hanging out with us, chasing us around the
house and he co-operates well for pictures. He's a nice boy all the way around.
Large Mini Size
16-18 inches
30-35 pounds
Physically: HIGH ENERGY, 2 or more hours of running per day
Mentally: HIGH ENERGY, 2 or more hours per day of training.
Minimal. Both Parents are very friendly so I expect very social dogs who love everyone
they meet.
These should be higher energy puppies, good for active homes. Sport homes are a possibility depending on structure. These will be fun working dogs, not ideal for non
active families. These guys will do best in homes that do a lot of outdoor activities all year round, camping, hiking,  cross country skiing, and homes that want to do a lot of
training. If these blood lines are not kept busy they tend to get into mischief, barking, climbing on counters, anything to get your attention even if it's negative attention.
Think of it like a bored child acting out for attention. If you keep them busy they are crazy smart, very loyal, fun, and will do anything you ask of them. These are my favorite
blood lines, they have never let me down in anything I have asked of them. But they are all aussie in every way.
Blue Merle male 2                                                                                                                                         reserved $1600
lighter in markings but he has more white. He is a very flashy puppy.
The larger of the two blue boys. He is also a bit more strong willed, he knows what he wants or does not want and he will be the least co-operative when he's in the mood to get his own
way. He never wins but he likes to try, the first picture below are his sad dog eyes saying what do you mean I have to sit and not run away lol All around he is a nice puppy, also very
social and under our feet. He loves to climb up and cuddle.  
Blue Merle female                                                                                                                                    not for sale at this time
The only girl, I was hoping for a black tri but he's a boy and I am not keeping a boy. We will grow her up and see how she turns out. If she is not what I need to keep we will offer her for
sale at a later date. If you would like to be a back up home for her please contact us and we can discuss that option. Pretty solid in body for a girl, she is a spunky trouble maker of a girl
as you can see from her expression. She's sassy and likes to share her opinion with you. She's very affectionate like her mom, when she wants to be.  
12.3 oz
10.5 oz
10.8 oz
11.4 oz
1 week
1 lb 11 oz
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 3 oz
1 lb 1 oz
2 week
1 lb 14 oz
1 lb 4 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 3 oz
3 week
2 lb 5 oz
1 lb 9 oz
1 lb 12 oz
1 lb 8 oz
4 week
3 lb 6 oz
2 lb 2 oz
2 lb 6 oz
2 lb 2 oz
5 week
4 lb 13 oz
2 ln 12 oz
3 lb 4 oz
3 lb
6 week
4 lb 15 oz
3 lb
3 lb 6 oz
3 lb 4 oz
7 week
8 week
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