Thank you for your interest in this litter. Please read this carefully before contacting me.
This litter is not being placed based on colour or marking, so please do not contact me and ask if a specific puppy is available. It is
not. This litter has 2 puppies heading into breeding homes and sports homes. We will watch the entire litter grow up and we will
match up those specific homes with the puppies that may meet their needs. We will NOT pick those puppies until after the eye
exam and vet check and if the puppies do not make the cut they do not go to those homes.
Only after we have chosen which puppies will go into which professional home will we be able to place puppies into pet homes.
If you would like to be considered for a puppy for a proven sports home or a pet home please contact me and we can work to get
you on the waiting list. You MUST and I can not stress this enough, you MUST be open minded and willing to take what is offered
to you as a pet home. If you only want the solid red and not he merle, this is NOT the litter for you. And if you only want one of the
merles and would not take the solid red, again this is NOT the litter for you. Choose this litter based on who the parents are and
the incredible potential of the parents.
If you do not take what is offered to you, you willingly for fit your application fee. So please be sure.
Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  
Toy size
height; 11-13 inches
10-15 pounds.
Physically: High energy needing 3 hours of off leash running per day
Mentally: High energy needing 3 hours per day of training.
Minimal - moderate Reserve. Both Parents are very friendly but there is some reserve
behind Bongo.
RED MALE                                                                                                                                                                        $1500
Big solid red and white male. no copper. He is plainly marked, no blaze and no collar.  He is a lovely dark chocolate colour.
Largest at birth, will be interesting to see how he grows up.
I am in love with how dark he is. I wish every red was this dark. If he does not find a sports home I may seriously be looking for a
co-owner for this guy.
RED MERLE MALE #1                                                                                                                                              $1600
Beautiful boy with a little bit of both copper and white. He is probably the most "flashy" in the litter.
Sadly mom grabbed this guys foot at time of delivery, he was born breach and a bit stuck. The grabbing at him resulted in a pretty severe injury and infection.
This puppy is currently missing 1 two on his back right foot and while we watch the injury heal we also wait to see how many toes he may be able to keep.
Due to this injury this puppy is not a candidate for sports. He could say for breeding or go as a pet to an approved home. At this time we are not looking for a home
because we do not know his prognosis/limitations or future medical needs if any. He could be totally fine and no one will notice a missing toe, or he could have life
long issues. Once he's grown up and we have an idea what we are dealing with we will know what type of home he needs.  
RED MERLE MALE #2                                                                                                                                              $1600
Very lightly marked little guy, I think he is a merle with copper and white, I think he darker shades are copper but we'll give him a few days and see if it looks the same.
Very little white but he does have white on his chest and his toes
RED MERLE MALE #3                                                                                                                                             $1600
Very bold markings. I think he is just a red merle and white with no copper. I love his dark facial markings.
If I had to pick a favorite based on markings it's this puppy hands down and his face mask. Love him!
13.5 oz
10.1 oz
11.1 oz
10 oz
1 week
1 lb
10 oz (due to injury)
12 oz
11.25 oz