Ready to go to new homes
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1 OR SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2 (labor day weekend yes I know).
My preference will be to have everyone pick up Friday so the puppies have the entire long weekend
to settle in, if that is absolutely not possible we will keep Saturday as an option.
Pick up is at 10am sharp.

If you can not make these pick up days or times please do not reserve a puppy from this litter.
Boarding fee's of $300 a week apply regardless of the reason you can not pick up.
ESTIMATED SIZE:            Medium to medium/large sized Mini Aussies
                                          15-17 inches
                                          25-30 pounds average

ENERGY LEVEL:              Physically: Medium/High energy needing 2 or more hours of off leash running per day
                                           Mentally:    Medium/High energy. Need 2 hours or more of training per day

NATURAL RESERVE:      Low reserve with strangers. Both mom and dad love everyone they meet.
BLACK TRI FEMALE #2                                                                                                                                                   $1500
Very pretty little girl, nice blaze but she does only have a half collar to the left, which is on the show side. She is a contender to stay, we will see
how she grows up.
BLACK TRI MALE #1                                                                                                                                                    $1500
At birth this is my pick male. Unless he fails his structure evaluation, eye exam or personality test, he will be staying here and becoming a main
stud dog in the future. He looks so much like his daddy! He's exactly what I was hoping for.
BLACK TRI MALE #2                                                                                                                                                    $1500
This boy is th flashiest puppy in tth white liter, very unique markings with his black spots through the white. While I have not counted this boy out he
may have a bit more white than I would prefer in my breeding program. I would assume I'd start seeing more mismarks with this much white so unless
he is outstanding in every way, for now he is my second choice for the boys.    
BLACK TRI FEMALE #1                                                                                                                                                 $1500
Perfectly show marked little girl, nice wide blaze big wide collar. She does have a tiny white spot on her shoulder, it may or may not end up
being in the wrong spot making her technically a mis mark, not something I am overly concerned with but it does make her a second choice for
You DO NOT get to pick your puppy from this litter. I bred this litter for me and I will be keeping back 1 female
and 1 male puppy for my breeding program. While I will have preferences and be drawn to certain puppies I will not
pick my two keepers for sure until AFTER the eye exam and vet check. With only 2 males if you want one you will
get the one I do not keep, if you only like one and do not want the other then this is not the litter for you.
With the girls there will be 3 available for sale. You are welcome to give me all 4 puppies in your order of preference
but you very well may not get your first pick and you MUST be ok with that. I will match puppies based on how they
fit into your family. These will be fun, outgoing, energetic, love to learn puppies. They will want to play ball and frisbee
go swimming and hiking and learn tons of tricks. They will be very smart and are certainly not lap dogs. We will be
raising them to be very outgoing with a lot of toy drive, tug drive and an ethic to work from a young age.
BLACK TRI FEMALE #3                                                                                                                                                 $1500
Gorgeous little girl, very wide blaze on her face which is a bit lop sided and unique, she has a full collar which also is a bit wonky on her back.
She's very unique in her markings.
BLACK TRI FEMALE #4                                                                                                                                                 $1500
At birth this is my pick female. She has the nicest head shape, tons of copper, a full perfect collar and beautiful blaze. More white than I typically
look for but if all else is the best I'll take lots of white!
  female #1
female #2
female #3
female #4
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