Ready to go to new homes
Friday May 4th or Sat May 5th 10:00 am
At this 8 week pick up date you will have NO vaccinations but will receive a comprehensive vet check.


Friday May 18 or Saturday May 19 at 10:00 am
At this 10 week pick up you will have first vaccinations.

These are the only pick up options. If you can not make these pick up days or times please do not reserve a
puppy from this litter.
ESTIMATED SIZE:            Medium  sized Mini Aussies
                                  15-17 inches
                                   20-25 pounds, maybe larger

ENERGY LEVEL:              Physically: Medium/High energy needing 2 or more hours of off leash running per day
                                  Mentally:    Medium/High energy. Need 2 hours or more of training per day.

NATURAL RESERVE:      Moderate reserve with strangers. Socializing is key to a stable personality.

These pups are quite large at birth. I can no guarantee adult size, while both parents are on the smaller side and I am expecting
them to stay small, they may prove me wrong and get larger than expected. Size can not be an issue or a deal breaker for you.
Our next smallest litter will be with Pandora this summer, we are going to be looking for an outside male if we can find a small
one for her with another breeder.
Black and White Female                                                                                                                                                                                         RESERVED  $1500
Black and white only, no copper. Nice solid little girl.
Blue Merle Female                                                                                                                                                                                                    NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME $1600
I was hoping for a nice flashy black tri female, I didn't get one. So I will hold on to this girl for a few weeks and see how she grows up compared to the girls in the other litters.
The plan is to keep her, however if she grows up to have less than favorable quality, lesser structure or fails her eye exam, she would then come up for sale.
Black Tri Male                                                                                                                                                                                                                     RESERVED $1500
The flashy puppy in the litter. He is a tri with lots of copper.
Blue Merle Male                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RESERVED   $1600
Beautiful very solid boy. Head to die for. Too bad I don't need another boy right now or he'd be staying. Does not look like he has any copper, just blue merle and white.
black tri male #2                                                                                                                                                                                                             RESERVED $1500
Dark little guy. Lots of copper on a dark black back ground. If you like the look or rottweilers this boy is for you!
11.7 oz
11.2 oz
11 oz
9.6 oz
10.8 oz
1 wk
12.25 oz
12.25 oz
13.25 oz
11.25 oz
12.75 oz
2 wk
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 1 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 2 oz
1 lb 1 oz
3 wk
1 lb 9 oz
1 lb 8 oz
1 lb 13 oz
1 lb 6 oz
1 lb 6 oz
4 wk
1 lb 12 oz
1 lb 10 oz
2 lb
1 lb 8 oz
1 lb 8 oz
5 wk
2 lb 8 oz
2 lb 8 oz
2 lb 11 oz
2 lb 4 oz
2 lb
6 wk
2 lb 14 oz
3 lb 3 oz
3 lb 3 oz
2 lb 7 oz
2 lb 6 oz
7 wk
8 wk
9 wk
10 wk
Temporary names are with a morning theme.
Action and IQ had pups the same day. Action had hers first thing in the morning ( my AM litter) and IQ had hers in the evening ( my PM litter)
Updated three week pictures are on an orange background.