$1200. FIRM, ready to go

SMORE is a blue merle male. Born December 7th to Parfait and Garrett. (11 weeks old),
He has a full collar, white chest and white on his front legs. His eyes are brown with blue specks on the bottom of
each eye.
He is ready to head to a new home any time a suitable home comes along.
He is PET only. Not suitable for sports or breeding. He MUST be neutered.
He is a wee little guy weighing only 3 lb at 11 weeks old. We can not guarantee his adult size. He was the smallest in
his litter by a large margin. So there is a chance he may just be slow to grow and he may reach 30 pounds, or he may
be a small guy his whole life and only be 15 pounds. We can not make any guarantees on his final size so size can
not be an issue for you.
Due to his small size we require he go to a home without any small children. Accidents can happen very quickly and
with no ill intent. An accidental drop dog could be fatal.
He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He is VERY quiet, almost never barks so he would be fine in a condo or
apartment situation as well as a house.
Smore is not a high energy dog, he is very mellow and low key like his mom. Regular walks and a back yard are likely
enough physical energy outlet for him, and some basic training to keep him mentally stimulated. If you've been looking
for a low energy aussie, this is him.
He isn't perfect, but don't tell him that. He has a slight over bite, it should never affect him but it is there. He also has
weak front knees that currently bend more than they should to the side, he may grow out of that as he matures and
builds muscles but he may not. Again not something that should ever affect him as a pet but something to note.
He leaves us with regular worming, an eye exam, micro-chipped, 30 days of free pet insurance and a puppy pack
loaded with goodies ( food, treats, leash, collar, bowls, toys etc.)
Smore is not currently vaccinated, depending when he leaves us he may or may not have it done. It does NOT
change his price. We will not vaccinate any puppy until they hit a minimum of 4 pounds, preferably 5 pounds. If they
are not 4 pounds when they are ready to leave we will not vaccinate them, it will be up to the new owners to vaccinate
when they are comfortable doing so. We feel vaccinating at such a small size increases the risk of a vaccine reaction
so we will not risk the puppies health while they are with us. He does come with a very detailed vet exam form signed
by a vet, so he has been seen and is healthy.
We will not hold him for anyone until he is vaccinated without boarding fees. He is ready to go now and we would like
him to go so he can start his new life and bond with his new family.
Smore is on a raw diet and is doing very well on it. He will leave us with a few days worth of raw. We recommend
keeping him on raw as he does well on it but if you choose to switch him to kibble or a cooked diet, that is at the
discretion of the new owner.

We do not do visits per say. Visits are for deposit holders only, no exception to this rule. Sorry.
If you wish to meet him before committing to him it is the $300 to get on the waiting list plus the application filled out, it
is NOT refundable if you decide not to take him. You simply may request to meet him after getting on the waiting list
and if at that time you would like to apply the deposit to purchase him you may do so, but we will not take him off the
website and if anyone else would like to purchase him before you can visit they are free to do so. If you do not wish to
purchase him then you simply stay on the waiting list as per he contract.

Pictures above were taken March 01, so are up to date and will be updated every Thursday until he finds a home.
Please don't ask if I have other pictures, I am very busy and what I have I will post weekly.

Any questions about him please let me know, he is ready to go and deserves a great home to call his own!