Out of 13 pups she was the only red merle female. I wasn't going to keep her because I didn't
have a lot of red merle females to choose from and m,y daughter was keeping teh blue merle
Pupcorn, so I was just going to do the cross again in a few years. When we lost her dad
Token very suddenly, we knew we could never get another one of her, so she became the
next member of the crew and my heart dog. There will not be another dog that comes along
and steals my heart and soul the way KaChing does.
Stoverly's You Gotta Bring It
So what can i say about little miss unexpected. She's her mother. She has her mom's build, she has her
mom's head, she has her mom's ears. She is a red merle version of Vegas and thats probably why I
was so drawn to her all along. She has incredible angles and the most perfect structure I've produced.
There's not much I don't love about this girl.
A very smart puppy who is very eager to learn and catches on very fast.  In just a day we taught her how to get up on a stool
type of object, since Pupcorn knew how, we decided to teach her as well.
In about an hour I taught her how to shake a paw, another hour had her shaking both. She figured out how to walk on a leash in
a crash course Halloween night and had no fear of any of the costumes or noise. I was very impressed with her for only being
just shy of 4 months old.
She is overly animated about everything she does and she
has this intense look in her eyes and a love for life. She is
so much fun to train and work with, she's game for anything.
She loves to cuddle and was the first puppy to figure out
how to jump onto the couch. Now I can't sit down without her
getting up for cuddle time.

She's very curious and very trusting, not nearly as much
aussie reserve as her mom or some of her siblings. She's
much more trusting than Pupcorn, Pupcorn is very reserved
which we are working on toning down.
Stoverly's You Gotta Bring it (KaChing)
Australian Shepherd

CH. Timberlines Token at Stoverly HIC DN13576902
Bullocks Powerstroke DN10923603
Dar-Walk Whileuwere Sleeping DL91670605
Dar-Walk Indian Giver DL83781701
Vores Scarlett at Dar-walk DL72647804
Three Oaks Adobe Rose DL89002401
Surenuf Heat Guide HIII1633 DL71325005
Bayshores Day Dreams DL55225803
Bullocks Dutchess DN10242607
Diamonds Wrangler Man DL91202603
Wild Heart's Copper king DL80552907
Lone Pine Pretty pitty Patty DL73752313
Nevada's Susie DL82311004
D and L's Ben The Rules DL67929903
Kirkwoods Raven DL61925006
Ch Shadylanes Gambin Girl at Stoverly HIC CGN M-1883
Ch McGuffins Sonny Side Up HIC MA20222908204
Skovesende's kode Red MA-2447-9Y218
Evan's Possum MA1409-9955
Evan's Just Eunique Monique MA1561-97186
Skovesendes Britte nina Star MA2448-9Y218
Bennett's Two bit Bodie
Lane's Rudy Toots MA1720-9Y266
Shadylanes Sweet nothins Bo221LM1810
Vent's de L'Ouest over the top of Shadylane D0031ML1408
Carlins Tazmanian devil D9823MC885
Taycins California Image B9730EP552
Shadylanes Candles In The wind B9804LM820
Edgewoods Razle n Dazle N Blu E86848
Sidekicks Made in the Shade B9734KF623

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After all my talk about ow animated she is, she does
have an off switch. If there is nothing to do, no training
going on, no one to play with, she is very content to
just chill out and relax. She is not hyper, she is just
always ready to do what ever we might think of.
Sleepy girl enjoying some nice spring weather
in the yard.
The look to the left is what i call my kaching look.
She is just so happy, you can see just a look of
pleasure on her face. Happy about nothing more
than existing. I've never seen this dog unhappy
about anything. She brightens up any room she
walks into.
Structurally very correct and sound. No matter
what she's doing she always has that perfect
level back. She has these incredible rear
angles that every dog deserves. It's all natural
for her, I don't have to reposition anything, this
is just her natural incredible structure.
What can i say, left or right this girl has got it all. If
she can pass half of her incredible qualities onto
her future puppies, I'll be very happy!
Kachings first time out on sheep. She LOVED it!
Earned her instinct title no problem!
Kachings MDR1 Normal as per parentage below