How It Works
Buying a Stoverly Puppy.
updated January 2017
There are a few things you should know about this process before committing to a Stoverly Puppy.

Almost all of our puppies will be sold as pets on strict legal spay/neuter contracts.
Very few will end up being sold for breeding purposes. So if you think it would be fun
to have a dog to raise a litter of puppies, just so the kids can have a neat experience,
you'll have to go somewhere else. Thats not where my puppies will go.
If you are an established breeder or are new to breeding and looking for a mentor we are happy to
help and are very open minded BUT you will be required to follow some of our guidelines to keep up
with our strict code of ethics, such as doing ALL health testing.

We have an above average waiting list taking applications fees (otherwise called deposits)
a year in advance for people who know they want a certain colour and certain gender. Particularly
blue merles. While I do keep an updated email list, it is impossible to contact you when puppies are
born to let you know if we have what you had hoped for because 99% of
the time the majority of the litter is reserved in advance and even if what you wanted was born,
it may already be spoken for and you would not have an opportunity to purchase it. Also many times
people are simply shopping around looking for the first available puppy. We are an exclusive breeder,
people who want our puppies are willing to wait for them, people who are
just looking for a fast purchase are not looking for a puppy from us, we do not have time to
email back dozens of people who have already found something from elsewhere.
We focus on people who have committed to purchasing from us by way of deposit.  

Applications with payment are worked with on a first come first serve basis once payment has
been received.  So the sooner you get your payment in, the higher on our list you will be when you
are ready to take a puppy home or when we have what you are looking for. When your deposit arrives
you are assigned a number, the number is the day of the deposit, so July 20th 2012 would be 07.20.2012.

We  place our puppies in the homes that are best suited to each puppy. If we have a puppy that is
high energy and no homes available that want to put that puppy in a sport, we will keep
that puppy ourselves until an appropriate homes comes along. So being honest with us about your
families ability will help us match you with a suitable puppy.

We can never guarantee we will have a certain coat colour, certain amounts of white and
copper markings, eye colour or even gender. I have very little control over what puppies
are actually born. I can always tell you what colours are possible in each litter, but mother
nature and genetics have the final say as to what is actually born. I try my best to match you
with what you want as quickly as possible, but quality and temperament are more important
to me than colour and markings. Even if I have a list of people wanting blue merles, if the best
pairing up of dogs for a litter will give me tri coloured dogs, then I will make the cross that
gives me the best quality dogs, not what I can sell fastest.

The way it will work is when we breed a female we will let our waiting list know who is bred
and what colour, size and personality we expect to get an idea of who is hoping for a
puppy from that particular cross. We can pencil you in at that time. Once the female is in
labor we contact our list again to let you all know puppies are on the way and to keep close
to your email if you are interested in a puppy. Once all the puppies are born we will contact
you a third time, from the time of this email you have about 24 hours to contact us back with
a yes or no to being put on this litter. You can let us know which puppy(s) you are most interested in.
At the end of the 24 hour mark we will sit down and look at everyone who is interested. We will see if
we have any conflicts of more than one family wanting the same puppy.
If there are conflicts we will work with the deposits in 2 ways.

#1. If 01.01.01 has asked in writing for either a blue merle or a black tri female, and 02.02.02
has asked for ONLY a blue merle female, if I only have one blue merle female it will go to
02.02.02 and 01.01.01 will get the black tri because they have said in writing they would
take either colour. Even though 01.01.01 had their deposit in first, they have said they will
take either colour. Where 02.02.02 has been very specific about what they are going to wait for.
It is better for me to have two puppies with homes instead of a puppy still looking for a home.   
#2. If both 01.01.01 and 02.02.02 only want a blue merle female and I only have one, then I will
reserve it for 01.01.01 and 02.02.02 will have the option of choosing
a different puppy within the litter or waiting until the next litter.
The choice is always that of the deposit holder.
If after 24 hours I have not heard from you I assume you do not want a puppy from this litter
and you just stay on the waiting list until the next litter. If you change your mind at any time
you can apply it to anything that is marked available, but after the 24 hour period you can not bump
ahead of anyone who has already applied their deposit. So even if you are number 1 on
our list, if you do not get back to us, regardless of the reason,  you will be put below those
who got back to us in a timely manner.

When it comes to colour and markings we need everyone to be VERY VERY clear as to what they
want. On our
about page we have posted many pictures of each colour. Please refer to it as often
as you need to. Ask questions about colour and markings if you need to. We can not give you what
you want if we do not understand VERY clearly what you are looking for. All the colours come in
spots or very few, some merles are limited to just a small spot on an ear but genetically they are
still a merle. If you tell me you want a black tri from Adam and Eve and I have one born and I reserve
it for you only to have you to tell me a few weeks later you were hoping for something more flashy
and think you'd like to wait, you will be out of your deposit.
I need to have a very clear understanding of exactly what you want.
If you really want a blue merle and you say you'll take a black tri if you had to but secretly
you would rather wait, then say so. Say you only want a blue merle. It is easier to change to
a different colour later, however once you put in writing you will happily take a different colour
it opens you up to getting a secondary colour that you didn't really want or loosing your

If you leave a deposit for more than one colour and I reserve for  you what you have in writing, if you
then change your mind and want to refine your application your deposit is considered applied. It will
cost you an additional $300 to keep your number on the list for the inconvenience of having provided
false information to other potential buyers and potentially turning other homes away. At any time if you
have a specific deposit in for just one colour, at no cost you can expand the selection for free.     

Application fee's can be left in several ways.
The fastest way to get money to us so you are on the list immediately ahead of anyone else who
chooses to send payment in at the same time as you.
We deal with both TD and RBC and we will happily give you the information to do a deposit
 into our account. This is the second fastest way to leave us payment.
  • CASH.
 We of course accept cash if you are visiting.

You are welcome to leave an application fee towards ONE of the following.

#1. A generic reservation for the best puppy for your family regardless of colour and gender.
You will be on the list and likely get a puppy in an average 2-4 month time frame and ahead of
other people. The reservation is good for 12 months. After 12 months if I do not have a puppy
for you I will refund your payment in full. If you choose at any time to change your needs to a
specific colour/gender, you will have to sign another form agreeing to the new terms. If you
ask for a black tri and I offer you one and you refuse to take it, preferring to wait for one with
different markings, then your payment is forfeit. This is where being very clear about what
you want is important. Also for a generic application just because you may be #2 on the list
and you like the blue merle more than the black tri, if #1 and #3 both have asked specifically
for a blue merle, you will be behind them and will be offered one of the left over color/gender
combinations because in this way the most puppies have homes lined up. Please only
choose this option if you honestly are not picky on colour, gender or markings, chances are you
are going to get a tri.

#2.  If you would like a certain colour, gender, or markings then your still welcome to leave an
application fee with the clear understanding that the waiting period likely grows substantially.
Particularly if your hoping for a blue merle coloured puppy.  This specific reservation is good
for 24 months before it is refundable. Again if I offer you something that meets your written
requirements and you turn it down, your reservation and payment are forfeit.  So if you want
a light merle versus a dark merle or one with lots of white versus one with no white, you need
to be very clear with me, even send pictures and descriptions if you need to so I am not holding
something for you that you do not want. If you do not understand some of the breeds colour terms
ask us, we are happy to help clarify things.

When pups are born we will contact everyone and let you know what we have. At that time
if you have a preference of colour or gender or markings and we have that born, then we can
pencil you in for it in the order deposits were received and we will wait and see how their
personalities turn out. At this point it is a waiting game. If you will only take the blue merle
female and we only have one, then there is a greater chance it may not be available to you
at 8 weeks. There is a chance the puppy will be show/breed quality and will either stay with me,
will go on a co-own to benefit my breeding program, or go with another breeder. If it is pet quality
it still has to be a good match in personality for your specific family and it has to meet
the needs you outlined in your application and pass it's health tests. If it meets all of that then
it is your puppy. If it isn't available to you, you get to choose a different puppy or you get
moved to the next litter in sequence of payments received.

If your willing to take the best matching pup ( a generic deposit) then that is what you will get. We will
watch them grow up and around 6-7 weeks old we will have a good insight to their personality to
better know who may fit your family and who may not.  As other people reserve specific puppies and
as their personality changes, we may change who we are holding for you. If there are 3-4 available
puppies that meet your needs and someone else requests one of them as a specific colour/gender,
we may reserve that puppy for them and work with the remaining puppies for you. You may not know
which puppy is being held for you until they are older.

Likewise if you say you will take either a blue merle or a red merle and another family asks only for a
blue merle, then it is in the litters best interest to give you the red merle and give the blue merle to the
other family so that two puppies find homes. This is again where it is 100% important to be 100% as
clear as possible as to what you want. Do not say you will take something if you really would prefer
something different.

I allow people to come and visit my pups once they are
5-6 weeks old.
This gives the mom a chance to relax and settle in.  We do visits by schedule and only 1 visit per litter at
typically 5-6 weeks. Visits are in group format and ONLY for those families getting puppies from that litter.

When pups are between 7 and 8 weeks old they go in and have their eyes examined by an
ophthalmologist. This is the first exam to tell us who may or may not be show/breed quality. After the eye
exam we see the veterinarian for a check up where they listen to the heart, make sure both testicles are
descended on the boys, check for teeth alignment and give them their first set of vaccinations.
When eyes and vet check are finished we will then do a final structure evaluation. We examine the
structure of each pup against the written breed standard. This is the final evaluation to decide who is pet
quality and who is show/breed quality. At this time any show/breed quality pups will be labeled as such and
either kept for myself, sold on co-owns, or sold to other breeders. The pet quality pups will then be placed
in their pet homes.
Show quality pups will only be sold as pets as a last option if no show home is available.

Tri and bi coloured pups as pets are $1500
Merle coloured pups as pets are $1600
Show quality puppies are priced higher based on their quality.
Co-own prices vary with each situation.
Show/breed quality pups sold with breeding rights are $1600-$2000 upfront with possible puppies/stud
services given back to me in the future as each contract outlines. This is negotiated at the time we accept
your application fee.  

Keep in mind that I prefer to place my puppies in an active home before I place them as pets
who will do nothing. An active home to me is one that is involved in conformation, obedience, flyball, agilty,
herding etc. An Aussie of any size is an active dog and they excel when they are kept busy. If your an
active home you will be placed above a non active home on the list as a suitable puppy comes up
regardless of when the deposit arrived because we are placing the puppy based on personality and not
colour and markings.

We NEVER hold puppies based on eye colour. Please do not ask me for a puppy with specific eye
colours. Puppies eyes do not show their final colour until about 6 weeks. It is not fair to
the puppies or other owners to take a puppy off the market for that long in the hopes it has
the eye colour you want and if not to have it come back up for sale. Puppies deserve homes regardless of
eye color. So for that reason we do not in any way honor requests about eye colour. Sorry.

Every puppy that we sell comes with the following...

  • First vaccinations ( at 10 weeks, w do not vaccinate at 8 weeks).
  • Worming  at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks of age
  • eyes examined by an ophthalmologist between 7 and 8 weeks of age, written results provided to
  • Microchip implanted

Every puppy goes home with a Puppy pack which includes
  • sample bag of food
  • Scent blanket
  • Nylon leash and collar
  • NuVet  supplement samples and order information
  • 2 steel bowls
  • Teddy Bear
  • Samples of cookies

Still interested in a puppy?

Read over my contracts on-line or ask me to send you one.
Contact us and lets get to know each other.

Check out our
plans page to see what litters we have planned.
Check out the
puppies page to see if we have any puppies available right now.
Check out our
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Really want a Stoverly Puppy?

Contact me for a puppy application and purchase contract information.

Want to know how each breeding is done, and how and where puppies are born and raised? Check out
puppy raising page.

Thanks for visiting our site and having an interest in our puppies.
Contact us any time

Our average GENERIC waiting list for a puppy not yet born of any color and gender that fits your needs is
2-4 months from the date of deposit. The waiting period for a SPECIFIC request for a puppy not born of a
certain colour and gender is 6-12 months depending on how particular your needs are. Blue merles are
the longest waiting list by a land slide.
Spring is also the most popular time to purchase a puppy with spring deposits coming in easily a year in


Not for illness, loss of job, moving, death in the family, divorce or because you have found a puppy from
someone else.
If YOU choose not to take a puppy offered to you that meets your written request, your payment is forfeit.
Period! No exceptions ever!