Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
We pride ourselves on the health and quality of our dogs of all ages. Part of what makes
a dog a superior animal is their diet. You'll notice a superior coat quality as well as a
dog who's very eager to learn because he's being fueled with the best quality food
available. While eating a well balanced and natural diet our dogs have accomplished
many astounding things.

  • They have won Best in Show titles on their way to getting their championships
  • We have multiple dogs excelling in all sporting venues possible
  • We have the very first bed bug scent detection Mini Aussie in Canada.
  • Our females have large healthy litters, in fact on July 29th 2011 one of our girls
    blessed us with a litter of 15 puppies which is the largest Mini Aussie litter we
       know of to date. You can't do that without an incredible diet to support
       the developing puppies!  

We use raw meats and organs that have been dehydrated as training treats for our

We spent many years researching diets and we have come to the conclusion that
just like people there is no one diet that works for all dogs the same.

My diet of choice for all of our dogs is a raw all natural diet.
Raw meats with bones, fruits and vegetables.
Dehydrated to use as treats but otherwise no processing of any kind.
This is the diet all of our puppies will be weaned onto as it does provide exceptional
quality puppies. We feed Mega Dog Raw (BOLD RAW) for an all inclusive
pre-made raw diet along with whole meats such as chickens and rabbits.
This is the food your puppy will go home with.

My second  diet of choice is a good quality kibble.

This diet is ONLY for those dogs or families who absolutely can not tolerate raw.
In todays society we find that some dogs have sensitivities just like people do.
Not every dog is going to do well on the exact same kibble. In fact a dog who
does good on a kibble for a couple of years may not do well on it long term and
he may develop a sensitivity later in life. Something you do not see with raw fed dogs.

Dog food companies are continually changing the formula of their food without
informing the buyers. So if you open a new bag and your dog starts to act funny on
it, assume your company has made a change without informing you.
This is much more common than you think and is one reason I prefer a raw diet.

Even though I prefer a raw diet for my own dogs I do recognise that the general public
is not as open minded or educated as I am and so we are happy to help you choose
a suitable kibble.
Fromm and Natures Variety are currently two foods we have seen some success with.
We have a new product we require all of our buyers to be on in order to keep your health
guarantee active!
Introducing NuVet.
Natural, powerful immune system support.
This is a daily supplement you should use for the life of your pet, but at the very least you
must use it for the full three years of your guarantee in order to keep your guarantee active!

Once you leave a deposit for a puppy please pick up the phone and call NuVet.
Use the order code 33670 so that I can confirm you are using this product.

Here's to the health and happiness of your new family member!