This is my crazy little red headed CKC Australian Shepherd who is smaller than some of my Mini's lol She failed in the
size area but she makes up for it in over all quality.

We leased a very nice bitch to breed to our CKC boy Boston and this is the girl we kept. We also co-own her brother
Legend with Shari. Both will be having CKC puppies in the future for us.

Famous is a very athletic girl, she will be the cause of many grey hairs. I have not found a way to contain her to my yard,
I can not even come in to go pee or she is over the fence and checking out the neighbourhood. So she has to always
be supervised or in the house.

She has a very sweet and loving personality with everyone she meets. Only very occasionally will she show aussie
reserve. She spends a lot of time hanging out with the ladies at Bold Canine where she has gotten some wonderful

We were hoping to do some disc work with her but that is a work in progress, she's more of an agility girl with
jumping as her main focus, so we have to work to make the disc important to her.  
I had very high hopes that she could be my next CKC Show dog but due to her size she would be laughed out of the
ring. So her first litter will be with a much larger male and we will keep back 1-2 of the largest girls to see if we can
get something to show in the CKC ring from the next generation.
Famous and her bigger brother Legend.
Christmas with Friends.
Maybe she can be an agility dog!