BPIS Stoverly's Fan Freakin Tastic, HIC
We are calling this beautiful girl Eureka.
She is my next amazing show dog and she is easily following in her sister Cleo's foot steps in the
show ring.
I showed her at her very first show at 9 weeks old at Woodstock Ontario. She strutted her stuff with
Mr. Lobb awarded her Best of Breed and Best puppy of Breed. She won over both Cleo, her full
sister and Token, both of whom were showing as Specials. Way to go little girl. Then she went on to
group and took an adult group 3rd loosing to an amazing white shepherd who just floated around
the ring, and then took Best puppy in group. I was in shock.

The comments were that these were going to be amazing dogs as adults and they both wanted to
judge them again in the future. Mr. Lobb even said that in his opinion both Eureka and Jasper were
even better in quality, specially their heads, than big sister Cleo. He said that they look just like
Aussies only smaller, which is just what I'm aiming for.
Little 9 week old Eureka with Mr. and Mrs. Lobb at the RBCSWO show in Woodstock
Ontario Sunday July 15th 2007. Thank you for all the compliments on this puppy. It's
been a long hard road to get to this quality and I'm thrilled with the results. We hope to
show under you again in the future.
And here is our fabulous girl with her best puppy in show ribbons from the show in OHIO. She
does look like she's full of herself doesn't she! A charming 19 weeks old. What a girl!!
Well Eureka is grown up more beautifully than I could have ever imagined. She is my favorite
dog in my program at this time and it's going to be hard to find boys that compliment her great
qualities. She amazes me every single day. She is so smart. Her obedience is amazing, she
learns things so quick it's hard to keep up. She seems to just be perfect at everything we ask
of her.
Eureka is also the happiest dog in the house. She loves to give kisses and wiggle her
beautiful back side. She is a one in a million dog that will be a treasure for many years to
We took Eureka herding April 27th 2008. Well I was blown away. For such a young
dog I wasn't sure how well she'd do. Yet again she impressed me beyond my wildest
dreams. The instructor said she was the best Aussie she's ever had the pleasure to
test and that she was one of the best dogs she'd worked with in a while. Eureka was
very quiet, she worked wide, she put thought into her movements and didn't  waste any
energy  "chasing" the sheep. She was incredible to watch. She has a beautiful style
and I think she just pushed me into buying her some ducks this summer. A bit messy
maybe but smaller than sheep.
Way to go Eureka, you are living up to your name in every way. You really are Fan
Freakin Tastic!!
Show results

Woodstock, Ontario, July 14/15th 2007
Show #4                                                       Best of breed,  group 3rd                  
                                          Best puppy of Breed, group 1st.       
Petrolia, Ontario, Sept 8/9 2007
( handled by Sue Rankin)
Show #1                                                       Best of opposite sex                         
Show #2                                                       first in her class, elementary puppy female
Show #3                                                       first in her class, elementary puppy female
Show #4                                                       Best puppy in breed, puppy group 3rd   

Reir Heirs show in Medina Ohio, USA, Sept 23rd 2007
(handled by Sue Rankin)
Show #1                                                       Best of breed puppy, Group 1st, Best in show puppy
                                          reserve juniour handler with Dan Rankin Jr.
Show #2                                                       Best of breed puppy, Group 1st Best in show Puppy
I can not express how happy I am that Eureka is doing so well and how thankful I am to Sue and Dan for taking her
and showing her for me this fall. Way to go guys.  

Brampton Ontario, October 20 2007
Show #1                                                        Winners female, best of opposite

end of the 2007 show season
Sportsman Show, Toronto Ontario, March 2008
Show #1                                                           Winners female
Show #2                                                           Winners female
Show #3                                                           Winners Female
Show #4                                                           Reserve Winners Female
Pedigree: CH Stoverly's Fan Freakin Tastic, HIC CGN Pedigree for CH Stoverly's Fan Freakin Tastic, HIC CGN
Miniature Australian Shepherd. Blue Merle with copper and white.

Ch McGuffins Sonny Side Up HIC
Skovesendes Kode red
Evans possum
Meadow Oaks teddy Bear
Meadow Oaks Sassy
Evans just Eunique monique
Faircloths Reno
Faircloths Aussie
Skovesendes Britte nina Star
Bennetts Two bit Bodie
Apons Two Bit Valentine
Dehavto red Matilda
Lanes Rudy Toots
Evans Possum
Evans just Plain Miss Tessie
Ch Dogstar Noel HIC CGN
CH Gefions Kissing Bandit
Ch Propwash St. Elmo's Fire
SVCH WTCH CH Beauwoods Rustlin'in the Sun
Propwash Bayshore Fogbow
CH Gefions Revolution
CH Propash Ebbtide Zinfandel
Gefions End of the Innocence
Dogstar I Can Dance
CH Bayshore Propwash Balderdash
CH Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Ch Propwash Lalapalooza
CH A-J's a Touch of commotion
CH Wyndridge Commotion
CH Wyndridge A touch of Elegance

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Sportsman Show 2012
We pride ourselves on having dogs with outstanding
temperaments. Eureka has got to have one of the best, most
gentle and most trusting personalities of all the dogs I've ever
bred. She loves everyone and works a crowd like a pro!