What a scam!
I don't think I have anything on my website that indicates I have anything but aussies, no pictures or
referenced to Poodles, so why people contact me is a mystery.

But since I have been contacted a dozen times, it's time to put my thoughts down on the screen for
all to take the time to read.

For anyone looking at a "doodle" do some research on how genetics are passed down. Seriously,
so you know I'm not full of crap, go do some basic genetic research.

Puppies are 50% of each parent, so your Aussie Doodle is half Aussie and half Poodle.

Doodle breeders will tell you that you get the best of both breeds, but who says so? Who is the
genetic God that is going to guarantee you get the best genes and not the worst genes? There are
a LOT of genes that can be passed on. Mom has genes from Grandma and Grandpa, so when
she passes traits on to the puppies,  how can we guarantee if she is passing on more of
grandma's side or more of grandpa's side? You can't. It's a crap shoot.  The same crap shoot is
on dad's side.

This of the human kids you know, how often do you here "He has dad's eyes but Mom's smile". It's
true. The kids don't get half of mom's eyes and half of dads eyes. If dad's eye gene was passed
on more dominantly to that baby then that baby won't have any of mom's eye characteristics. You
don't get one blue and one brown eye because mom was blue eyed and dad is brown eyes, you
don't get a bluish brownish colour as if you were mixing a paint pallet. You get a solid defined
colour based on how genes fall.  
What about recessive genes such as the blue eyed blond baby from a long line of brown eyed
brown haired parents? Where did that come from? Some great great grand parent had blue eyes
and blond hair and the genes just lined up the right way to be expressed in that baby.
What about the family who has 6 kids, 5 are perfectly normal and healthy and one has Downs
The genes were there all along and all 6 kids had the same chance of being born with Downs
Syndrome when mom and dad decided to get pregnant, but only one fetus actually got the
necessary combination of genes to be affected. There is no guarantee what genes will come
together to actually fertilize each egg.

So lets look at Aussies and Poodles. Most people want a Doodle so you get the non shedding of
the Poodle, but the puppy is half aussie, so who's to say when it comes to the coat genetics that
your puppy isn't going to be the puppy who gets the Aussie coat? Your breeder can not in any way
guarantee that until the puppy is a year old and has had a chance to go through the aussies
shedding period. Ever wonder why so many doodles end up in shelters? Perhaps they were
simply not poodle enough.

What personality traits will your dog get? The friendly Poodle or the reserved Aussie? Will you get
the herding traits from the Aussie or the Hunting traits of the Poodle? Herding and Hunting are two
very different and opposite behaviours, which do you like, which would you hate because your
Doodle could be either one.

When you breed a litter of purebred dogs you get predictable puppies. With crossbred puppies
you do not. It takes many generations to fix traits when developing a new breed.
Doodles of any Mix are NOT a pure bred dog, they are a Mutt no matter what fancy designer name
people put to them.

What about health. I see Doodles that go for $3000. What on earth are you paying $3000 for?
Have both parents been health tested? Hips, eyes and a whole slew of genetic issues? What tests
does your puppy have or need? It's not a true breed so where does genetic testing even start. A
genetic issue in one breed may not be the same in another breed, it may be triggered by different
parts of the genetic puzzle. So with your mutt, what do you have to look out for in the future? The
Aussie issues or the Poodles...actually you have to be aware of and on the look out for the issues
from both breeds because it is possible for your puppy to have inherited bad genes from both
parents. So double the genetic issues. Well that sounds like it's well worth the extra money to have
double the genetic trouble!

The best visual way to explain this is to look at the merle colour pattern in Aussies. There are no
two that are alike, some are darker and some are lighter, some are heavily merled, some are
lightly merled and the same is very true for a mixed breed. No two will be genetically the same, you
will never get the same gene combination in two puppies, there will always be differences on a
genetic level, like a fingerprint, that make the puppy 100% unique from the rest of the litter. Unless
your breeder is a genetic scientist working in a laboratory to manipulate genes in test tubes, they
can not guarantee all the things they claim to be true when crossing any breed with a Poodle.

If you MUST get a Doodle and you know what traits you want, go to a rescue and get an adult
who's coat and personality are established so you are not sadly disappointed when your puppy
grows up to be more of what you didn't and why you didn't go for a predictable pure bred dog in
the first place.