No Older Dog Discounts
Everyone wants everything for free
Please go back and read all about the cost of raising these dogs. If you've already read it
great. You have an idea what I'm about to say.

I get asked all the time why my older puppies are not discounted, as if there is something
wrong with them, as if 8 weeks is prime time and after that the puppy degrades. The
puppy must get less cute, less smart, lesser quality and hey,  maybe it smells bad?? I'm
really not sure, but it's a very common question. People look at the price of an 8 week old
puppy and when they see the same price on a 5 month old puppy they feel they are
getting ripped off. Well sit down and let me tell you something. Puppies don't have an
expiry date like a bag of milk, you don't get less of the puppy at 12 weeks versus what
you would get at 8 weeks, your getting more for free.

If I'm not charging you $100 extra for every week your puppy is here past 8 weeks old,
your getting a deal!!!!

Yup you read that right. It's a deal not a rip off.

Why do you think I should have to feed this puppy every day for free?
Why do you think I should have to spend my valuable time house training your puppy for
Why do you think I should have to have sleepless nights on the couch while I'm crate
training your puppy for free?
Why do you feel I should provide second or third vaccinations for free?
Why do you feel I should worm your puppy while it is here for free?
Why do you think I should neglect my family and my dogs so I can work more with your
puppy and then on top of that get less money for my efforts.

Guess what, nothing in life is free. My time is not free. My expertise is not free. Vet bills
for vaccinations and worming are not free. You get to pay for all of that.

So the next time you may look at an older puppy and see the same price tag as a young
puppy or even a higher price, don't ask why, realise that I have put many hours into that
puppy, I have giving it my time, my attention, my love and taken that all away from my
other dogs. I have put extra money into that puppy with vaccines, worming etc.

Your getting a deal with an older puppy!

If you still think your entitled to a puppy at a discount, save yourself the time of contacting
me, save my valuable time so I can deal with people who are worthy of my puppies, and
just go bother a different breeder. I will not lower my price for you or for anyone. My
puppies are worth double what I charge, you are already getting a deal.