HHC's Tri Disco Dancing HIC
Disco is my first Aussie of any size. Disco is everything I
was looking for and so much more. I was actually thinking
other color. We didn't expect any red puppies in Disco's
litter. But we were pleasantly surprised, her mom and dad
were both red factored and we were blessed with our little
red tri Aussie.
I wanted a lot more than color when I went searching for a
"red" dog. I wanted a dog who had spunk, personality,
energy, was eager to learn and had a spice for life. I
guess someone was listening because this little dog has
it all and more. I get compliments on her no matter where
we go and what we do. She is a crowd pleaser and has a
special way with people of all ages and abilities. She is
my little ambassador and she does us proud.
This is no couch potato! This little ball of energy can
exhaust us all. Always looking for something to do, and
eager to learn what ever you ask of her.
Whether it's learning a new trick, chasing a ball, playing
tug or war or keeping the puppies in line and teaching
them the rules. Disco is always on the go. This is one to
live with. She is content to do her own thing and not
bother us all the time. She will lie by our feet and settle
into the house. She is not into snuggling by any stretch
of the imagination. That requires sitting still for far to
long in her opinion!

Disco passes her eagerness to learn and her athletic
abilities onto her puppies. Several of her pups have
gone on to do sports such as flyball,  agility and even
disc. These pups excel at sports. They have toy drive as
strong as any dog I've met. We are always looking for
homes who are interested in doing sports for puppies
from Disco. If any dog sport is of interest to you, then
Disco's pups would be a great place to start.  
Disco shows in conformation as a junior handling
dog. The kids take her in because she is easy to
handle and they get to practice their skills as a
dog handler. Disco loves the attention and the
kids enjoy working with her. Disco walks in the
ring with the kids as if she was born to be there.
She is the perfect juniors dog and the kids have a
blast with her.
We are very pleased to be able to say that Disco is Herding Instinct Certified, (HIC).
We took Disco out to be tested on sheep. Disco surprised me quite a bit. She had no fear of the
sheep and she put them in their place quite well. She shows nice gathering instinct. The instructor
says shes a small dog with a huge attitude! She walked in with tons of authority and knew just what to