I really wanted a solid coloured girl from this litter as well because it's a full sister to Neon who
is already a blue merle. i tried really hard to like the black tri better but again this was a better
puppy for breeding, so I kept her. I also hate the tail and swore I was not keeping one but she
grew on me and reminds me so much of her daddy Cal. So here she is. This litter was bred
to go into sport homes, so they had to have brains and a real desire to work with their owners
and let me tell you this little one does not disappoint. She learns a lot of watching, has a
calmness about her that most puppies do not have as she takes in her environment. She
may not have been what I wanted but she seems to be exactly what I needed! Dock diving,
tricks and scent are for sure in her future and we will see how she fills out for conformation