These contracts are the basic ones I use when selling a dog or providing stud service.
Each contract may differ slightly dependant on the quality of the puppy purchased or
the type of home it is going to. These are the basic contracts I start with.
Please click on each contract to read the details.

You may print anything for your own reference.

Please note these contracts are templates only. The ones signed at the time of
sale may be slightly different. If you require the most up to date copy of any of our
paperwork, please contact us.
Nothing is written in stone. If you have special needs with your puppy and the
contract below conflicts with your needs, just let me know and we will try and
make the necessary changes to suit both our values.

Please note that an application MUST be filled out in order to purchase a dog
from us regardless if it is a puppy, and adult or a rescue. This gives me a chance
to get to know your needs and wants and decide if one of my dogs would suit
your needs. This also allows me to go back over the application as the puppy
grows to help address any questions or concerns you may have with the puppy.

The application is current, please feel free to print it and forward it back to us.

It is best to send the application contract in with the application payment at the
same time. If we feel we will not have anything to suit your needs within the
contracts time line we will inform you and return your money in full. We will not
review the application until we receive payment.

We DO NOT reserve any puppies without an application fee regardless of what
you are looking for be it pet quality, Show/Breed Quality or possible co-own.
The application fee is for my time corresponding with you and creating a file for
your family and your needs.

Application fee's are

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us any time.
Purchase Application and Fee  
Updated for 2019 litters

This is the application and application contract all in one for your convenience. When you are
ready to commit to the purchase of a puppy from us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form, fill it out completely with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us
(if you do not have a scanner email us for our mailing address)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $500

The payment MUST accompany the paperwork. We do not process paperwork without it and
will not apply your to hold a puppy without the paperwork.

Pet Contract
This is the contract every puppy sold as a pet to be spayed or neutered will be held to.
May be used as a reference but final copy to be signed will be provided by breeder at time of
sale with each puppies personal information filled out.

Breeding Contract  
This is the basic contract we sell our puppies with for other breeders who want to use one of
our dogs in their breeding program.
May be used as a reference but final copy to be signed will be printed by breeder.
This is simply the template we start with, so if something does not meet your needs contact
us and we are happy to work with you to design a contract we are both happy with.  

Stud Service Contract  
This is the basic contract we use when other breeders want to use one of our dogs as a stud
dog for one of their females. Again this contract is negotiable. If something in here is not to
your comfort level contact us and we can design a new contract that meets both of our needs.
This is a template that we start with and we edit it to meet each situation.  
May be used as a reference but final copy to be signed will be printed by breeder.
This is the basic contract we sell our older dogs on that you may find on the available
page, it is a bit different than a puppy purchase contract.

Dog Surrender Form
If you need to surrender your dog to us to find it a new home this is the form you must
complete. We must have legal ownership over the dog so that we may care for it and
find it a new home.