This is a page where I list dogs we have produced or purchased which are over 8 weeks of age that are looking
for homes.
These dogs may be from several situations.

  • They could be dogs we were hoping would be a part of our breeding program and for numerous
    possibilities did not quite end up being what we had hoped for.
  • They may be puppies of ours that have come back from their owners for some reason and they are now
    looking for a new home.
  • They could be dogs we have used in our breeding program who are now retired and looking for their
    retirement home.
  • or they may be dogs who are looking for co-owners
Every dog on this page will be priced individually based on the reason they are for sale.
Chances are they will NOT be discounted to a lower price.

We occasionally have older pre-trained dogs for sale at additional costs. We have likely kept them back to
decide between 2 puppies in a litter which one to keep, we have put extra vaccinations into them, they are
crate trained, leash trained, and have learned a wide variety of commands from obedience, manners and tricks.
We have taken these dogs with us for extra socializing leaving other dogs home. Our time is not free so these
pre-trained dogs are priced higher than typical dogs that we have not put so much individual time and energy into.

If you have any questions about any of the dogs listed on this page please don't hesitate to contact us for more
Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
If or when ANYTHING comes available for sale I will post it the same day and update it regularly.
Seriously, why would I have a dog available for sale and not advertise it?
If I do not advertise it, it can not find a new home.  
If it's not listed here I do not have it. You do not need to email me asking.
I promise no matter what day you are looking at this page. It is 100% up to date!  
Red merle male.
Born Sept 8, 2012. (5 years old) Parents were Vegas and Dash.
Up to date on Vaccines. Micro-chipped.
Sold on contract.
He is VERY friendly and social. He is VERY active and loves his frisbee. He gets along very well
with other dogs. He does not do well with cats, he will chase them for fun. So no cats in the new
home please, it will be too stressful for them. He seems good with kids but I have not done a lot
of exposure to children since my baby is 17. Based on his blood lines he should be fine with all
kids but for safety I'd like only older kids, no toddlers that he can jump on and knock over. He
will leave me with all his personal stuff. Food, crate, bed, toys, leashes, boots, bowls, treats,
chuck it, vitamins etc. He leaves with a LOT of stuff lol
He is crate trained and goes in no problem and stays quietly. He will bark when someone is at
the door. He knows a bunch of commands such as sit and down and has a great recall off leash.
He needs a home with a lot of free time and a lot of room to run free off leash. He has a very
good recall once he knows you. He needs about 2 hours a day of off leash running with a lot
of frisbee playing and ball throwing. This is the type of activity he is used to and I won't subject him
to a lesser lifestyle. Active homes who love to be outdoors all year long in all weather are best.
A house with a yard is best, we do not want to stick him in a condo situation as he is used to a lot
of space. You would have to convince me you were the perfect home in a condo before I'd
consider it. Looking for a family who loves to go Camping, hiking, cross country skiing etc.
He is a solid built boy, he's about 18 inches at the shoulders and weighs around 40 pounds.
We will NOT ship him. He must stay in Ontario within driving distance of Midland as all potential
homes will be required to meet him in person. We will screen all homes and choose the best
one for him. Not in a hurry to get rid of him, he's very easy to live with.
If you are interested please send me a very detailed email with all you have to offer him and what
you are looking for in a dog. If you just send me "I'm interested" or "how much are you asking" then
I will likely just ignore your email. Please do not waste my time.  
Please do not contact me on behalf of someone else. If you know someone interested have
them contact me directly. I do not discuss things third party.  Email me privately,

There is a sale price attached to him of $500. He is not free. Free dogs sadly generate the
wrong type of buyers for Aussies. So be prepared to pay for him.

Any questions not answered here please let me know. We will get more pictures of him as soon
as it's nice enough to hang out outside for a bit.