This is a page where I list dogs we have produced or purchased which are over 8 weeks of age that are looking
for homes.
These dogs may be from several situations.

  • They could be dogs we were hoping would be a part of our breeding program and for numerous
    possibilities did not quite end up being what we had hoped for.
  • They may be puppies of ours that have come back from their owners for some reason and they are now
    looking for a new home.
  • They could be dogs we have used in our breeding program who are now retired and looking for their
    retirement home.
  • or they may be dogs who are looking for co-owners
Every dog on this page will be priced individually based on the reason they are for sale.
Chances are they will NOT be discounted to a lower price.

We occasionally have older pre-trained dogs for sale at additional costs. We have likely kept them back to
decide between 2 puppies in a litter which one to keep, we have put extra vaccinations into them, they are
crate trained, leash trained, and have learned a wide variety of commands from obedience, manners and tricks.
We have taken these dogs with us for extra socializing leaving other dogs home. Our time is not free so these
pre-trained dogs are priced higher than typical dogs that we have not put so much individual time and energy into.

If you have any questions about any of the dogs listed on this page please don't hesitate to contact us for more
Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
If or when ANYTHING comes available for sale I will post it the same day and update it regularly.
Seriously, why would I have a dog available for sale and not advertise it?
If I do not advertise it, it can not find a new home.  
If it's not listed here I do not have it. You do not need to email me asking.
I promise no matter what day you are looking at this page. It is 100% up to date!  
Red Tri Male
DOB OCT 18 2016
Not Yet Neutered.
Up to date on shots and microchipped. Genetic testing and hips will be finished before he leaves.  

Moto will be available by July for a new home. His price is FIRM, please do not insult us by asking us to
go lower, we will ignore those emails and you will not be considered as a buyer for him.
Moto is a red tri male,  he will be 2 years old in October, so he is still a very young guy.
He is incredibly smart and knows a lot of commands. He is house trained, crate trained, loves all people
and dogs. The kicker is he is very high energy and needs a home who has a lot of time to work with him
and keep him busy. He would do best in a home who wants to be involved in agility, scent work,
obedience, tricks etc. He has a fabulous recall, has been to doggy day care and gets along well
with everyone. He is very needy of your attention so if you look at your life and you have minimal time for
a dog, this is NOT the dog for you. You need to be very active, outdoorsy is best with a lot of camping,
hiking, swimming etc so he can be with you more often than away from you. While he is crate trained he
gets bored and frustrated in the crate so he is looking for a home that does not have to crate him for 10
hours a day, that does not mean you leave him loose, we are looking for a family set up where the
house is not empty for 10 hours a day, where someone can be home. A family who works shift work so
there is someone home more often, someone with a job that he can tag along to, those would be fabulous.
If you do not have time for him, then he is not the dog for you. I can just as easily keep him here and keep
him in a crate, the reason for selling him is to get him a better lifestyle that he will be happier with.
He is not yet neutered and will need to be at the buyers expense. We ask that you keep him for 4-6
months intact and make 100% sure he is going to work out before neutering him.
We have used him for breeding on 2 females so we need to get all of his genetic testing complete before
we allow him to leave which is why he isn't able to leave right away. We will be very particular on
which home he goes to, we do not want him to go just to be unhappy in a home who does not have
time for him.
If you may be interested in Moto you are welcome to contact us and submit an application.
What we ask is that you research us as a breeder and choose us as the breeder you want to deal with
and not just for this specific dog. We do not just have visitors for the fun of it, we are crazy busy and we
don't like to waste our time or yours. We ask that you fill out the application and return it to us. If we feel
you would be a good candidate for one of our dogs, including Moto, we will contact you back.
Again we are looking for a home committed to us as breeders and not those just shopping around.

He will be with us at the Canadian Pet Expo in Niagara.
We currently have 3 adult dogs looking for homes. We are accepting applications for them now.
Those approved by application will be invited to a meet and greet the weekend of June 16/17.
Yes I know it is fathers day, nope not a concern to me. A dedicated family for these dogs WILL
change all other plans to be able to visit. If you can not visit then you do not get considered to
adopt them. That is very simple and very clear. Visits will be weather pending so we can be
outside and you can see them outside off leash not just in the house. Visits will hopefully start
at 1pm and we will have families over 1-2 at a time in 30-45 minute intervals. If Saturday is poor
weather we will move visits to Sunday. If the entire weekend is raining we will move to the
following weekend even if we have to do visits indoors. These will be the ONLY visits and you
MUST fill out an application ahead of time and speak to us about how you could be a good
home for the dog you may be interested in.
Prices are firm. If you ask me if I would consider dropping the price, not only will I not drop
the price I will no longer consider you for a potential home. So don't ask.
Any questions that are not clearly answered here you can email me for more information.  
Red Merle Female
DOB: June 16 2014
Not Yet Spayed.
All genetic testing and hips are done.

Parfait was born and raised here at Stoverly.
Parfait is a very special case. She is simple in terms of being special needs. When she was a baby
something happened, we do not know what, she was lethargic for a couple of days, but bounced back,
no one knew why she was lethargic for a while,  however she was never the same after that.
She is not fast to learn, she is very simple in what she understands, she learns more by repetition
than anything else. We have tried food luring and she just gets frustrated and gives up.
We have done some clicker training but again she gets very frustrated when the criteria are raised even
a little bit and gives up from frustration. She gets confused very easily.  She is simply a very simple dog
who is looking for a home who will not ask much of her and will just love her for who she is.
She is not looking to be a companion for another dog, while she gets along well with all of the dogs she
has ever met she does not need that added stress and responsibility of being someones play mate.
She needs a home where she always has the option of doing what she wants and if that means not
interacting with a current dog, that needs to be alright. She is social but not someones play mate.
She does not need a dog who is going to constantly be bothering her to play. She needs an easy
going environment. Being very simple and naive she is not overly dog savvy so she is not a dog park
type of dog, she would never see something bad coming.
She has a neurotic habit of spinning in circles, you can not break this. She spins to go in the crate,
spins before coming out, spins to go outside, even if the door is wide open, she has to spin to go
through it, and spins to come back in. She spins in her crate and will do circles around tables,
islands etc. It's her way of dealing with stress, excitement, confusion all the same way.

She is very good with kids and other animals.

She is very easy to live with, she does not need hours of running or anything like that, she is content
with a less active lifestyle although she does love to be off leash with you.

Being a country dog who is used to being off leash you must have a decent sized fenced yard. We will
not let her to go a condo where she is stuck on a leash all the time, that is unfair to her.  

We used Parfait for breeding twice, while she was a fabulous mom we did have some issues in each
litter that we do not want to continue seeing and the quality was less than we expected from her. So we
decided if we can find her a new home, we will let her go and replace her with a dog with new blood lines.

Her price is firm, $1800 we are not open to negotiating.
She will need to be spayed once you are 100% sure you are going to keep her. Spaying is at the cost
of the buyer and MUST be done.  

If you may be interested in Parfait feel free to forward us an application.