This is a page where I list dogs we have produced or purchased which are over 8 weeks of age that are looking
for homes.
These dogs may be from several situations.

  • They could be dogs we were hoping would be a part of our breeding program and for numerous
    possibilities did not quite end up being what we had hoped for.
  • They may be puppies of ours that have come back from their owners for some reason and they are now
    looking for a new home.
  • They could be dogs we have used in our breeding program who are now retired and looking for their
    retirement home.
  • or they may be dogs who are looking for co-owners
Every dog on this page will be priced individually based on the reason they are for sale.
Chances are they will NOT be discounted to a lower price.

We occasionally have older pre-trained dogs for sale at additional costs. We have likely kept them back to
decide between 2 puppies in a litter which one to keep, we have put extra vaccinations into them, they are
crate trained, leash trained, and have learned a wide variety of commands from obedience, manners and tricks.
We have taken these dogs with us for extra socializing leaving other dogs home. Our time is not free so these
pre-trained dogs are priced higher than typical dogs that we have not put so much individual time and energy into.

If you have any questions about any of the dogs listed on this page please don't hesitate to contact us for more
Located In Midland, Ontario, Canada
UPDATED January 15 2017
BORN OCT 18 2016
Parents are Eureka and Impact
I will not sugar coat it. This dog is VERY high energy, VERY mentally needy and not looking for
your average  pet home. Sorry
he is looking for a working home who has a lot of time and energy to dedicate to keeping him mentally stimulated. He needs to
be engaged with his owner, learning things and even enrolled in sports. I live with this breed full time and to give you an idea of
his mental capacity he is the first dog in 20 years I have had to take to formal obedience classes because just working here
wasn't enough for him. If you can not meet his needs he can be a neurotic barker in his crate with a very high pitched banshee
like scream. He can not be left at home for 8 hours while you work, he will go stir crazy. You must have a job where he can go
with you and be kept busy or he needs to go to doggy day care
a few times a week. This must be a long term life style
commitment for him. Not just because he's young. His mother at 10 has not slowed down one bit. He was bred for sports and is
living up to that expectation. If we do not fine the perfect home we will keep him.
HE was supposed to be a part of my breeding program but I am not happy with how he has physically grown up. He has refined
bone where his siblings have more solid bone and he has higher set goofy ears where his siblings kept their wonderful puppy
ears. He isn't the best of his litter now that he has grown up so we have decided to let him go if we can find him a suitable
working style home.
He is up to date on all his vaccinations including bordetella. He is crate trained, house trained, loves to play with toys, gets along
well with all the dogs he's ever met, he has been to doggy day care and loved it. He loves all people. He is very eager to please
and smarter than your average aussie. He picks up on what you are trying to teach him before you get to the end :) the list of
commands he knows is fairly long, sit, down, wait, shake a paw, go around an object ( for agility), touch/target, come, get up (on
an object) get OFF ( an object), kennel ( go in your crate) and I know there are more things I just can't think of them.

There will be stipulations to his sale. We must have some form of proof and guarantee he is going into training classes. We may
even ask for references. You MUST NOT be a first time dog owner. He's far to much for that type of home. We are looking for a
family familiar with the breed and very much committed to working with him. He could go far in sports such as agility and disc.

He is not yet neutered and you MUST leave him intact for 1 year after you purchase him. If it is not working out and you have to
bring him back we need the option of possibly including him in a sport breeding program left open to him. So he can not be
neutered until you have owned him for at least 1 year. That is not negotiable. He can not be neutered any sooner.
His purchase price is currently listed at $2000, this reflects everything we have done with him to get him to this stage in his life
and all the extra's you get with an older trained dog. PLEASE do  not insult me by asking me to lower his price.
We have put way more than that into him and he is worth double that amount easily.
Serious enquiries only please
Red and White Male.
Born Dec 2/16, parents Action & Tarzan
Approx 19 inches and 34lbs (he could loose a couple pounds)

Pippin was bought as a performance sports puppy. Sadly he does not have the structure for it and both his life and the lifestyle of
his owner are being negatively affected. He is a special needs boy who needs a very specific type of home. He does come with
some pre-existing medical issues which we are being completely forthcoming about. Please read below.  

  • Pippin had minor shoulder instability as a puppy but he seems to have outgrown it.
  • He has Bilateral medial luxating patellas (bad knee joints).  He has had one MLP surgery to correct his left knee.
  • Right knee still needs the surgery done.
  • Bilateral bicipital tenosynovitis, (Inflammation of a bicep tendon and its enveloping sheath).  No mineralization.  May have
    small muscle tear as well.  Trying non-surgical therapy first but may require surgery.
  • Not yet fixed but we plan to neuter him when he has his second knee surgery.
  • Needs someone home most of the day during his recovery or someone that can take him to work.

The Good Stuff:

  • Extremely affectionate and gentle, LOVES all adults and giving kisses, very little reserve (he will guard in the car and
          occasionally woof at a dog that he is unsure of, but that’s about it).
  • LOVES other dogs (but is a rude player and does not understand back off, I am selective with who he plays with).
  • Solid sit, down, stand and release cue, even from 20 feet away.
  • Knows a bunch of tricks – crossing paws, laying on his side, bowing, getting on bed, in your crate, going around things,
    holding things, back up, heel and more.  These are not as solid as his foundations (sit, down, stand) but he usually just needs a
    reminder if I have not done it for a few days.
  • Great impulse control around food
  • Lives with cats, very friendly but does like to chase them
  • Great at settling at home.  He sleeps when we are home and not doing anything.
  • Crate trained, except that I cannot leave him at home alone in his crate (he is fine when I am home, he sleeps in there, he is
    fine being left alone in the car in his crate, I can put him in there at dog daycare and he doesn’t freak out).  He used to be fine
    at home alone but after the 6 weeks of mostly crate rest he developed high anxiety being left alone in his crate at home.  I do
    not know if this will transfer to another home or if it just his current home.
  • He is used to city living; sirens, cars, bikes, fireworks, construction noise do not phase him
  • He loves nose work, has great drive to find the scent.  He would likely excel as a scent work dog and/or obedience rally

The Bad:

He has developed generalized anxiety – it is worst when he is walking in the dark, around other dogs, or in really stimulating
environments (like the beach).  He will whine a lot, pace, and scream and lunge on the leash if it really escalates.  I am trying
anxiety meds with him.  What he really needs is to be able to run again but this will not be for awhile.  It is my hope that most of
his anxiety will subside when he can run and be a normal dog again.
Not the best with kids.  He is scared of them and runs away.  The only kids he is OK around is kids that have reached a
maturity level that can be calm and let him come to them.  I would not suggest a home with young children.
He is demanding and will try to be sneaky about getting what he wants.  Due to his combination of this and his anxiety, he needs
a firm but incredibly gentle hand.  He will shut down if you talk to him in the wrong tone.  I think a lifetime of chronic pain has a done
a number on his confidence.  Again, I hope he will improve when he is all fixed up.
He LOVES dogs and gets overly stimulated by them.  He will often SCREAM like a banshee if he sees them and is not
redirected very quickly. He is a bit weird greeting dogs on leash, not aggressive but extremely submissive and anxious.  It is
important that dogs do not swarm him when on leash.  Off leash he is completely fine.
His recall needs work.
Not a ton of work ethic.  He’s very independent.  He will work REALLY well for new people but he gets bored quickly.  Not a
bad thing for everyone, but it is frustrating for his current owner.
Resource guarding – NEVER with people and I have never seen it at dog daycare.  However, when he went to his board and train
evidently he did guard his bones and toys.  Not aggressively but evidently he did loudly voice his displeasure.  I have never seen this
but figure it is worth mentioning as it did come from a trainer that I trust.

The only reason Pippin is looking for a new home is that his injuries and exercise restriction is severely impacting his very active
young owner in a very negative way. Dogs should get you out of the house to be active and Pippin is keeping his owner much
more house bound than is healthy for them.
We are not in a hurry to place Pippin. It MUST be the right home. There will be a screening process to ensure it is the right home.
Due to his history of medical issues it is likely he will not qualify for future pet insurance and any medical issues he may face will
be at the full expense of his owners. We need to have assurance that finances will not be an issue in caring for him.

I feel Pippin should perhaps be the only dog in the home. To encourage a more relaxed lifestyle where he is less likely to get
re-injured. A second dog who is active and loves to run is increasing the chances he will get re-injured.

Currently Pippin resides in Victoria, BC.
At this time we are not looking to ship him back to Ontario unless it is the very best home possible. We are instead looking
for a home that is within driving distance to his current home. His current owner will meet with you several times to ensure
both she and I agree it is a good fit.

There WILL be a contract with me here in Ontario. I am his breeder and if you find you can not keep him instead of returning him to
his current owner in BC, he would have to be flown back to me in Ontario at the buyers cost. This is not negotiable. He is my
responsibility to care for if his owners can not. If you would not be willing to do this, then do not contact us about him.

We may ship him back to Ontario to be re-homed if it is the perfect home. There would be no opportunity to meet him before hand
unless you flew out to BC where he currently resides to meet him with his current owner. We will not ship him back lightly, it is a
very serious decision to put him through that only to have no home to settle into. We do not want him to settle in with me, who he
does not know, only to have to be bounced around again.

Price is negotiable. Our main goal is a good serious and committed home for him.

If you may be interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.